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  • Case history with medical status along with feeding and linguistic background as well as feedback from parents and teachers

  • Interview with the child, their parents and teachers

  • Review of sensory, motor, and cognitive abilities

  • Standardized Measurement of specific aspects of feeding development & swallowing function; speech development, verbal & non-verbal language, pragmatic/social communication

  • Exploration of intervention strategies
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A critical component of the pediatric evaluation process is consideration of the whole child.  

Many of our client's parents are referred to us by their pediatrician, their primary care provider, or a teacher.  Regardless of how a family find us, we will provide a free phone consultation for parents who are concerned about their child’s development and want to discuss possible speech therapy or feeding therapy options that could benefit their child.

We assess all possible contributing factors affecting a child’s speech, language, and feeding development, as opposed to assessing for assumed characteristics based on previous medical diagnoses.

Our methodology uses a combination of standardized and non-standardized measurements during the evaluation to ensure a valid diagnosis.

  • Evaluation means the "procedures used by qualified personnel to determine a child's initial and continuing eligibility..." for therapy.  

  • Assessment means "the ongoing procedures used by qualified personnel to identify the child's unique strengths and needs, and the early intervention services appropriate to meet those needs throughout the period of the child's eligibility..." for therapy, which includes the assessment of the child...and includes the assessment of the child's family...

We follow the "The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" definitions of Evaluation and Assessment, which are:

​A comprehensive feeding, speech and language evaluation can include these elements:

Comprehensive Feeding and Speech Evaluations for Preschool to Middle School Children

Speech Evaluation & Assessment in Frisco

We offer free phone consultation  with prospective new client's families.

Speech therapy evaluation services

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