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Frisco Speech Therapist & Feeding Therapist

Our social skills campers learn strategies to:

  • Join in and connect with peers
  • Read social cues and navigate social situations
  • Engage in cooperative negotiation & conflict management
  • Use flexible thinking
  • Take the perspective of others
  • Use mindfulness mediation to calm thoughts and feelings, and learn to understand internal emotions

Social Skills Development Training

Frisco speech therapy & feeding therapy children

Social Skills Development Training Prepares Your Child For School & Life!

Social skills therapyisn’t just for specific groups of kids.  It can benefit any child, diagnoses or not, who needs practice and coaching to become a more socially mindful and successful communicator. 

Social Skills Camp: Call for options that fit your busy schedule

Age Groups Include:   7-10 Year Olds; Other Ages Upon Request


Camp Curriculum:

Curriculum and activities have been chosen for researched based effectiveness.  Our camps are led by highly trained and respected professionals. Jeanine Roddy is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and owner of Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy.

For more information and registration details:      Call  469-630-2328.