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What is a speech-language evaluation?
Our speech-language evaluations are performed by Jeanine Roddy, M.A., CCC-SLP. The purpose is to gain insight into your child's speech, language and communication skills. The result of the evaluation will be a variety of scores and assessment information. This information is used to determine if a child has a delay or disorder that could benefit from therapy.

These communication and behavioral evaluations may also reveal autistic spectrum characteristics or related disorders. The report that we generate provides information that may be helpful to your child’s teachers and pediatrician as well as recommendations for therapy intervention.

What are the tests in a speech-language evaluation?
Our evaluations include tests of a child's language comprehension, expressive language, articulation, and receptive & expressive vocabulary skills. Certain other tests may include an oral-motor examination, language samples and structural play interactions.

Why is a speech-language evaluation beneficial to my child?
An evaluation of your child can be the basis for recommending a personalized therapy plan which can include:

  • Social language and social interaction skills treatment plan
  • In-home activities that may help in achieving therapy goals
  • Linguistic speech, oral-motor and other communication therapy goals

Other therapy goals may be indicated, depending on your child’s assessment.

How long are your evaluations?
Our evaluations usually last approximately 2 hours during 1 session. Each evaluation is personalized based on the child’s individualized needs.

What can I expect from my child’s evaluation and assessment?
We provide a comprehensive report which includes your child’s developmental performance from the evaluation.  It includes performance scores and a summary of your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as our impressions, therapy recommendations, and suggested treatment goals, which you can share with your child’s teachers and pediatrician.

If you perform the assessment, but we are unable to come to you for treatment, what are our options?  
The assessment report that we provide to you can be reviewed other therapists as well as with your child’s teachers and pediatrician.

What if we already have an evaluation & assessment from another therapist?
Generally, we do not need to repeat the evaluation, unless there has been significant change in your child’s situation. 

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