Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy was founded on the belief that each child deserves to opportunity to reach their full potential.

For more than 10 years, Jeanine Roddy has provided speech, language, and feeding therapy to children in Frisco, Texas and Minnesota.  Her dedication to her clients and skilled therapy techniques have had a positive effect on her clients' academic and social success. As a result of her proven pediatric speech therapy and feeding therapy methods, these children have developed critical life skills, self-esteem, and confidence.  We love celebrating these successes with our clients and their families.

The feedback that we have received from our client's parents is both heartwarming and gratifying.

Feeding Therapy

Our customized feeding therapist's approach  integrates the top research intervention strategies.  Our personalized therapy focuses on the whole child, including external and internal influences impacting the child’s feeding success.

"It's been a challenge finding the right therapist for my child's feeding issues.  I'm so pleased with my child's progress with you. Thanks for working with me."


We're proud of the feedback that we receive from our client's families. Check our Google Reviews.

Early Literacy & Communication

"I was impressed with the therapy offered by Jeanine at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. I'm glad a friend recommended that I contact her."


Frisco speech therapy & feeding services
  • Client assessments: Feeding, speech, language, and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Treatment available in-home, clinic, preschool, and private school to best fit a child's needs and goals across settings.

  • Personalized treatment for children with multiple diagnoses and challenges.

Enabling Children to Reach Their Full Potential

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Frisco Speech Therapist & Feeding Therapist

Speech & Feeding Evaluation

Childhood development is an ongoing and dynamic process. We use a variety of tools to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and continually assess therapeutic progress throughout the course of treatment. 

About Us


Speech Therapy


Our speech therapists use proven research-based treatment, combined with motivating activities give each child an opportunity to reach their full potential. Effective speech & communication is essential for the  development of relations and is vital to learning, play and social interactions.

Trusted Pediatric Speech Therapy & Feeding Therapy

More About Our Feeding & Speech Therapy Programs

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