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“Where do I begin? How do you thank someone who has given their son a voice? You are an angel and we are so glad to have found you. Thank you for believing in our son – it means the world to us.”                 DW

"It's been a challenge finding the right therapist for my child's feeding issues.  I'm so pleased with my child's progress with you. Thanks for working with him."  JM

We're proud of the feedback that we receive from our client's families. Check our Google Reviews.

Our Vision

Being a premier family oriented pediatric practice that serves our community with excellence in speech-language, communications, social skills and feeding therapeutic services that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients and their families.

You can take advantage of our free phone consultation  by calling 469-630-2328 or complete our  Enrollment Request.

Pediatric Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy Supports Your Child's School Program

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Core Values

  • Family orientation and collaboration
  • Expert clinical decision-making
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Integrity and ethical business culture
  • Clinical effectiveness & efficiency

Enabling Children to Reach Their Full Potential

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About Us

​​​​​Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy was founded on the belief that each child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Jeanine Roddy and the certified speech pathologists at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy are committed to providing exceptional pediatric speech, language, and feeding therapy for their clients. Their skilled therapy techniques have had a positive effect on her clients' academic and social success. As a result of their proven pediatric speech therapy and feeding therapy methods, these children have developed critical life skills, self-esteem, and confidence.  We love celebrating these successes with our clients and their families.

The feedback that we have received from our client's parents is both heartwarming and gratifying.

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Our speech therapy & feeding therapy programs are personalized for each child, including bilingual Spanish therapy support.

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  • New clients have free phone consultations

  • Client evaluations can include: Feeding, speech, language, and autism spectrum disorders

  • Comprehensive assessment reports can be reviewed with a child's pediatrician, school SLP or teachers 

  • Treatment is available in our clinic, preschools, home and private school settings to best fit a child's needs and family goals

  • Personalized treatment for children includes single or multiple diagnoses and bilingual therapy support


Striving to create success stories for each of our clients and their families by providing comprehensive pediatric speech-language, communications, social skills and feeding therapeutic services that are personalized to each child’s individual needs.

Our practice provides comprehensive evaluations and consultations used to guide the development and implementation of personalized quality intervention to ensure the most effective and efficient achievement of our client’s needs.