Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy

Enabling Children to Reach Their Full Potential

We strive to be a premier, family oriented pediatric practice that serves our community with excellence by using evidence-based treatment strategies in the development and implementation of personalized quality intervention to ensure the most effective and efficient therapeutic outcomes are realized.


Speech Therapy

Your child’s communication steadily builds on a solid foundation that is established during their early years. We utilize your child’s unique strength and interests combined with skilled intervention methods to address a wide variety of speech and language needs. Our goal is for therapy to be fun and motivating.


Feeding Therapy

Undiagnosed gastrointestinal conditions, extreme picky eating, oral motor development, oral sensory aversion, and mealtime anxiety are possible factors contributing to a child’s inability to consume a nutrient-rich and calorically dense diet. Let our trained feeding therapists help your child develop the skills needs to enjoy food and grow strong.


Social Skills

A child’s ability to develop social-emotional competence is critical to their lifelong success. We use evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention designed to teach children the cognitive, social, and emotional skills needed to foster healthy relationships and build self-esteem.

Specialty areas of treatment

We are a pediatric speech, language, and feeding therapy practice providing intervention and social skills development in our clinics and preschool settings.

  • Sensory-based Feeding
  • Oral Motor Feeding
  • Behavioral Feeding Challenges
  • Feeding Tube Wean
  • Autism-related disorders
  • Social Skills Development
  • Communications Skills
  • Auditory Processing
  • Pediatric Articulation
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Receptive & Expressive Language
  • Phonological Development
  • ​Pragmatic Social Communication
  • ​Fluency & Stuttering

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Timika has been so patient with my daughter and so creative, finding many ways to keep her engaged in therapy. We are so grateful for her!
Danielle M.
Jeanine and Ciera not only have helped my boys speak more fluently- but they love my kids. They are smarter than smart, and kind as well. I can’t imagine a better combo for someone who is helping your kid through a struggle! I highly recommend!!
Sarah C.
We went to see Tamika about 3 months after my son was born, and we continued to see her until he was about 9 months old. My son is almost a year old now, and going to see her is still one of the best things we’ve done for him. She helped us fix issues that we were having with breastfeeding, and she started us on our journey with solids. As a first time mom, the guidance and support she provided was invaluable. She was always willing to listen and help us make changes that worked for us, and I always felt like she cared about my son and our progress. I don’t know that we would still be breastfeeding without her. I really can’t say enough good things. If you feel like something is off in your feeding journey, go see Tamika. You won’t regret it.
Beverly N.
We love frisco feeding. My son loved his therapist Ms. Britanny. She was amazing with him, bringing in help and new ways of learning everyday. All of my concerns were addressed on time. Our suggestions with included in his goal. Overall we are very satisfied.
Shweta S.
I can’t say enough great things about Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. We were told a few months ago our daughter was in need of some myofunctional speech therapy by her orthodontist. Upon doing some searching online I found Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and they had fabulous reviews and I can see why. The front office was so friendly and welcoming. They quickly helped set up an evaluation with Keri (one of their myofunctional speech therapists) and Keri was able to determine a number of issues our daughter was struggling with and come up with a game plan to help address those issues. We’ve been working with Keri for about a month now and I am blown away each session with her knowledge and how well she interacts with my daughter. It just amazes me how she is able to pinpoint the many specific corrections my daughter needs to make in terms of her speech and feeding issues and come up with an exercise that helps improve those issue. I feel like we’ve made so much progress in such a short amount of time and we can’t wait to continue working with Keri. Keri is also such a wonderful person and is so patient and kind towards my daughter. My daughter never dreads going to speech and loves spending time with Keri. I’m so grateful we found Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and am looking forward to seeing the progress my daughter continues to make over the next several months.
Tricia R.
Ciera is incredibly knowledgeable and an amazing therapist! She saved me and baby’s breastfeeding journey! So so helpful. I’m so grateful to have found her! 100% recommend.
Emily S.
Our experience with Leah has been absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her any family. We started with her when my over 1.5 year old had no words. She made an excellent assessment and made sure I understood the assessment and plan. She quickly built a great relationship with my little guy, and he absolutely loves her. He even asks to go see or talk to her on days we don't have an appointment. Leah was also wonderful at making sure I understood the practical ways we could help my little guy at home. His speech and vocabulary has exploded since starting with Leah, and we quickly moved on to other goals. Thank you, Leah, for being amazing!
Ashley W.
My daughter looked forward to her weekly visits with Ciera! She used a variety of activities and games and made her feel safe. She provided helpful resources for us to read as well. It was a great experience for us.
Lindsay P.
The way this team embraces the children and meets them where they are most comfortable is amazing. We have seen our granddaughter come so far in her understanding of what "healthy" eating really is vs all the stigmas kids are facing today., She has been able to get to know and understand her body's response to eating and her struggles with anxiety and stress. On top of that the education we received has been invaluable and helps us to support her progress.
Corrinne C
My son had a great experience receiving myofunctional therapy from Tamika which was recommended by my dentist for his Frenectomy Procedure. Tamika knows how to work well with children and was very patient with my son. I would recommend her to other parents looking for a Speech Pathologist who specializes in Myofunctuonal therapy, which is not easy to find!
Nica L.
We adore Nicole. She is amazing with my daughter. We look forward to going every week. So happy we found this establishment! We have seen such an improvement in my daughter's speech and communication abilities.
Angela St. C.
I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech! Jeanine Roddy is an experienced professional who is fun, energetic, and makes speech an all around fantastic experience. She has a fastatic play area that all kids will love. She is easy to schedule appointments with, prompt in replying to messages, and really individualizes a therapy plan specific to your child. We have been with them since October and have received excellent communication with our therapists and seen major growth in our sons communication. I can’t say enough positive things - this is the best place in Frisco!
Lindsey T.
Our almost 3 year old son has been coming here for nearly a year now and I can't say enough good things. He is currently working with Ciera and we adore her! She is so sweet and patient. She gives us tools to use at home and changes his treatment plan as he progresses. He has come so far, which in and of itself was the goal, but as a cherry on top he has fun every week. He gets excited on "speech days" to go "play" and races to the door; but we know he's learning and growing the whole time. This has been such a great experience at Frisco Feeding and Speech for our son and family.
Sheena C.
Our son has been working with Shelly Gordon for about a year and has made drastic improvements with his speech. He has been able to master all the sounds for his age group, and no longer needs therapy in one years time. Ms. Shelly is friendly, caring and flexible. She is a great speech pathologist and I highly recommend her.
Missy T.
My daughter started sessions with Ciera about 4 months ago, after a severe tongue-tie repair and we could not be happier with her results. Ciera was so personable and took the time to get to know my daughter to help improve her speech. She was extremely professional and prompt to every zoom session. My daughter started looking forward to having sessions with her, she actually misses them. She was very knowledgeable in her field and you can tell she loves what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing speech therapy, no matter the age. I will always be so grateful to Ciera for helping my daughter feel more confident.
J. C.
We had an excellent experience with Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Keri had been a wonderful part of my son's feeding therapy. She was very knowledgeable and professional in helping my son get through the struggles of feeding. The transition from the office visit to Telehealth was very smooth and we were guided through the process. I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy.
Rommel D.
Elizabeth was our child's speech therapist and we saw great improvement with our son and his speech. She made our son feel comfortable and he saw each session as playtime rather than "working" while still learning new skills.
Celena R.
We are so grateful to Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for what they've done for our son. They created a learning environment where our son was motivated to improve his speech (words) and he loved going there. I highly recommend their speech therapy services.
Constance W.
My son started speech in January with Ms Brittany. From first day I liked the therapist and she is very good at explaining concepts . She is very good at engaging kids . My sons always enjoy his session with Ms Brittany . After pandemic started I was not comfortable with sessions Online but Ms Brittany was very good in making session fun filled and keeping the session fresh . He improved a lot in social skills and even now I learn how to help him to implement the social skills concept in real life . Social skills were the deficit for my son but now he is really enjoying playing with friends .he is always excited for his session and I am really happy seeing him doing things he was not . Thanks Ms Brittany.
Rachana P.
Friendly and professional treatment in a clean and modern facility. Parents can sit in during the sessions if they chose to which is awesome. SLP Ariel was a big help to my LO.
Lisa B.
Ciera has been a wonderful wealth of knowledge for us to help our daughter after lip and tongue tie revisions. She is extremely proficient in her field and I will recommend her to anyone needing early intervention for their kiddos, whether it’s speech or feeding related.
Alyssa S.
We are so happy that we came here !!! We started one year ago for my son speech. I started to see amazing difference in him. I am so lucky we found Ms.Jeanine with full of energy. She is very knowledgeable and she reads the kid very well. She knows where they need help and where they struggle. Finding the real need for the kid is more important and it will help the kids getting to the right direction. I would definitely recommend her. Thanks a lot Ms.Jeanine !!!
Isba P.
Our 5yo is just wrapping up his speech therapy journey with Ms. Keri and we will miss her!! We had a plan to focus on his articulation and the results are astounding. We started out in person and seamlessly transitioned to virtual. She fostered a genuine bond with our son and he truly looked forward to appointments.
Courtney W.
I had to edit my original review. The owner personally came out to greet my husband and I before my son’s session. Though sometimes communication can be misunderstood, she took ownership of her company. This meant a lot us and showed us she really cares. I’m glad to have found this place. We love our therapist and all the other therapists. Overall a great company and great people. My son has only been going here for a few months and has made tremendous progress.
Elise P.
My son started therapy with Ms. Sound and she is absolutely great. I highly recommend her as your child’s therapy provider. The reason for my 1 star is the experience I have had with the office and billing department. They have charged my credit card on file without getting my prior authorization. They had taken it upon them selves to bill me and not provide me with a receipt and explanation for amount that was charged. Let me add it was not a bogus charge BUT there was no information about billing and payments that were my responsibility explained and informed up front . I was under the impression that my insurance was paying for the session which is partly true. After the initial evaluation, I got a call saying “ your insurance was approved we can go ahead and schedule appointments” . There was absolutely no discussiion on how I would like to pay for the Out of pocket balance. In addition ABSOLUTELY NO INVOICE OR RECEIPTS we’re provided till today. After the charges that was brought to my attention today ( the charges were on my husbands card not mine,) I called and asked the office what the charges were for I was then informed that the charges were out of pocket balance, which they put on the credit card that did not have my name on it . This card information was provided on initial evaluation. I was not asked if “ the card on file” was the form of payment I wanted to use . They assumed it was without giving me a heads up or informing me before hand. Finally after I called and informed them that I have no received any email that has an invoice / receipts I was told “ I email those receipts after I charge them” . This is incorrect because I never got any receipts via email from them till today. I just want everyone who is considering using their services to read this review so you know what you are getting to to before hand and hopefully parents that are using this service , please check your statements, I know I have too Will be checking all the statements today with the invoice that has been emailed to me so far today . I learnt from the the person that does the billing that they charge us before even billing / invoices are even generated. Again, please know I’m not saying I was charged and I shouldn’t have I just feel that I should have been informed and given a heads up before starting services and provided with receipts and a explanation of what I am being charged for. It would have helped me Mange and budget myself weekly better. I have a right to know what I am paying for. They get 1 star for their professionalism or should I say the lack of it.Update: Spoke to the owner Janine Roddy and she explained her side. After speaking with her I believe the invoices and filling paperwork that was sent must have just got stuck in the cloud somewhere. She was very easy to talk to and I appreciated the fact that she owned up to the mistake . Moreover she seems to have an active role with her staff and clients. It does lead me to want to change my review because my initial review of 1 star was solely based on my understanding and experience of their business practices. Janine has helped me see that was just a misunderstanding and that my experience was based on a computer / email error.
Kim H.
Before taking my daughter here she was speaking mainly jargon and very few sentences. As a mother this deeply concerned me and I followed my gut to take her for an evaluation. Shelly Gordon did her evaluation and took her on and I can’t say enough good things about her and this place. After 4 months of therapy, there has been so much improvement. My daughter is now speaking real words and longer sentences. I love hearing her express her thoughts and her communication skills have sky rocketed since coming here. If you’re feeling like your child might need help I highly recommend getting an evaluation here. You will see your child thriving just like mine.
Lizzie A
It was so wonderful working with Ariel! Our two month old had bad reflux and he was constantly struggling to feed. He would make gagging and choking noises and would consistently chomp at the bottle rather than suck. Ariel was so patient and thorough in our evaluation. She suggested a visit to an ENT to rule out any airway obstructions and then started working with us on exercises we could do with our baby to help him latch to the bottle and feed better. We have truly seen a night and day difference in how our baby feeds. We went to several doctors looking for solutions prior to seeing Ariel and it was such a relief to finally find someone who could help us along our journey. Ariel truly was the person who helped us out the most and got our baby to make the progress he needed. I can’t thank or recommend her enough!
Shannon B.
Tamika is WONDERFUL. She is warm and welcoming, a top-notch professional, compassionate, calm, reassuring, genuine and kind. She has a wealth of knowledge but has a skillful way of breaking it down for easy to understand guidance and advice. She taught me crucial things I hadn’t gotten from the hospital IBCLCs like the right bottles/nipples for successful breastfeeding, suck patterns and training exercises and more. She also helped me get the right flange size for my breast pump. She truly knew and did it all!She always made sure I felt confident leaving our sessions, and often answered questions via text or email. I knew she truly cared about helping me and my baby in our feeding journey. I felt comfortable with her, like no question was silly- as though I was chatting with a trusted friend. My time with Tamika was an invaluable resource as a first time mom navigating the challenges of feeding my baby. I owe so much of my breastfeeding success to Tamika and my weekly time with her; I cannot recommend her enough!
Rachel K.
Highly recommended Frisco Feeding & Speech, our daughter attended speech therapy sessions with Ms. Larson due to delays in language and articulation. Her progress surpassed our expectations and now she can’t stop talking. Ms. Larson was an excellent therapist and our daughter loves her. We are thankful for all she’s done to help our daughter.
Rudy P.
We have been with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for just shy of a year. My four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. When we first began therapy here my daughter was almost completely non-verbal. Over the course of this year, she has worked with both Shelly and Keri. Our daughter still has a long way to go verbally but she now attempts to repeat any word you directly ask her to. Additionally, her spontaneous speech has increased greatly. She will now walk up to us and clearly make one-word requests. Shelly specifically holds my daughter accountable to follow through with what she is asking of her. She also makes her functional language relevant to my daughter's interests. Shelly is consistently thinking of the next steps and how to move my daughter up the ladder. Keri specifically is a wealth of knowledge. She is well versed in both speech and feeding therapy as well as general problem solving for my daughter's specific needs. Lately, Keri has been doing zoom sessions with just me to help me work around a variety of hurdles. For example, how to address oral sensory needs, how to prepare my daughter for airplane mask regulations, or how to "scaffold" her at home playtime into continued language building. She's been an invaluable resource for our day-to-day beyond therapy sessions.
Ashley A.
My husband and I are so grateful we found Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Mrs. Terra has been nothing short of amazing and Grayson has absolutely loved his time here with her. She made every visit so much fun and I was so impressed with how quickly he started picking up words and annunciating. Fast forward 6 months later, our son is speaking clearly and in full sentences. We are forever indebted to Mrs. Terra and we are so thankful we chose Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy!
Heidi M.
Speech Therapy here was a very efficient and effective process that really helped to develop life-long, beneficial habits. Keri was very understanding, helpful, and made sure I knew what needed to be done and why it needed to be done in order to improve tongue thrust. She made sure to provide solutions that actually applied to real life situations and always ensured progress was being made. I highly recommend Keri and this office!
Bryson S.
Jeanine at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy has amazing energy and knowledge that she applies to her clients. I highly recommend her.
Peter W.
My son did speech therapy with Leah for a little over 3 years from age 2 until almost 6, and we could not have been happier! He made huge progress, and she was always so patient and sweet with him. When he would be in a typical toddler mood she would create new games on the spot or completely change her plan to get him re-engaged to make the most of his sessions. He is transitioning to in-school speech therapy now that he is in kindergarten, but if he needs additional services we wouldn't consider any other place!
Laura H.
Our daughter acquired a bottle aversion and we resorted to spoon-feeding her milk when she was 6 months. When she was 15 months, we started working with Ciera. We loved how Ciera was patient in the initial sessions and first worked on establishing a relationship/trust with our daughter, which then quickly led to amazing progress where she was drinking milk from straws and eating solids without gagging within a month. Ciera let our daughter adapt at her own pace, but at the same time motivating her growth and confidence in eating. She also offered great suggestions to help us with our feeding challenges. We were really happy with our experience with Ciera and would highly recommend her!
Amanda A.
Tamika was absolutely amazing to our baby girl and to me as a new mother! She assessed my daughter and knew right away who to refer us to at another facility and she also took the time to teach me mouth exercises to work on with my baby. We had a scary experience happen before meeting Tamika involving reflux and ever since we went to therapy, my daughter has been drinking and swallowing so much better. We are forever grateful!! Thank you thank you 🙂
Lauren S.
We are just now ending a 2 year journey with Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and our speech therapist Leah Estep and I could not possibly put into words how grateful we are to this group and Leah! Our son went from being almost a year behind in speech to now flourishing and thriving (and constantly talking)! Leah is patient and knowledgeable and gave us the tools to support his progress and development at home. When Covid lockdowns came and changed everything, they pivoted so quickly and effectively that we barely missed a beat in his development. They are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and effective. Our son LOVED seeing Miss Leah each week and we are honestly a little sad to be ending our journey. Thank you thank you thank you!!
Jordan P.
Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy is a very professional and welcoming clinic that provides pediatric speech therapy services. The clinicians are competent and ready to take on any and all speech therapy challenges. The clinic is always clean, parents and kiddos seem to enjoy their time at the clinic, and the services rendered are appropriate and based on each client’s specific needs. I would highly recommend this business to anyone who may be looking for speech therapy services!
Caitlin L.
We have been seeing Keri for a couple of months now. She has helped my daughter so much during our visits. She is attentive to my daughters needs and feelings. My daughter is great at coming up with reasons to not step outside of her comfort zone. Keri is always one step ahead of her to extinguish any excuses she has, in the most encouraging way. Keri has worked hard to gain my daughters trust. We are thankful for Keri!
Alyssa M.
I can highly recommend Ciera. We were undecided about a tongue and lip tie revision and she gave us the guidance and reassurance we needed to take the next best steps for our family. She walked us through pre and post revision issues and was flexible, warm, knowledgeable and great with our little man. I felt like she went out of her way to provide me with ideas and tools to help my son eat better and make progress between sessions. She is great with kids and parents too!
Ashley A.
Wow! We are so Thankful that we found Frisco Feeding Speech Therapy. My daughter is three and has a delayed speech issue but Mrs. Jeanine has been so...
Amanda M.
We were referred to frisco feeding and speech therapy by our pediatrician for our then 2 month old daughter. Our daughter was a preemie and at 2 months was still unable to drink from a bottle easily and could not go above the preemie size nipple. Ciera was our therapist and after 2 months our daughter has now gone up a nipple size and is able to drink age appropriate sized bottles in a normal time frame. We had a great experience and would highly recommend for similar issues!
Brittany Y.
I had to scramble to find a new speech therapist after our insurance changed and I have been so happy with Sound. She is so enthusiastic and she genuinely cares about my son's progress. He has continued to make progress and she's great at getting him to stay engaged. Highly recommend it here. Parking is confusing for the first time though.
Savannah K
Jeanine has been my son’s speech therapist for almost two years and he has recently been released from treatment. We used several therapists before and never really got anywhere. Working with Jeanine produced measurable results throughout his treatment. She is very knowledgeable, effective and connects with the children very easily. We are very happy and satisfied.
Cathy P.
My son has been seeing Abby Waychoff for almost six months and I’m amazed at the progress he has made with her. When we started with Abby he had maybe 20 words and his articulation was so poor that I was the only one who could understand his few words— fast forward forward 4.5 months and he is now working on putting together 4 word phrases/sentences!! Within 1 month I was able to see tremendous progress, within about 2 months other family members noticed progress, and a month ago I had a stranger ask me if my sons speech was advanced for his age. Abby is excellent at communicating and providing specific things to work on outside of therapy. I have worked closely with speech therapists in my personal career and Abby is by far one of the best. I’m so proud of my son and I’m so thankful for Abby; she has changed his life.
Rachel P.
Great friendly and professional clinic. Ciara was so helpful for our infant and always available to help.
Chelsey A.
We loved our speech sessions with Ms Nicole. She was so creative making it work at the young age of 3 when we started. She also has a passion in educating the parents on how to practice at home. We loved our time with her and are grateful for all the progress our little one has made.
Leslie B.
Keri is a wonderful therapist. She has helped our son overcome the anxiety of trying out new foods.
Clarisa S.
Ciera was our therapist and she was wonderful! She was the only provider to catch my daughter’s tongue and lip ties at 4 months when she was continuing to drop weight percentiles even after being treated for MSPI and GERD. She was able to refer us to a provider that specializes in infant frenectomies and she also worked with us on specific muscle strengthening exercises. She has so much knowledge and experience to share. It’s hard having a little one with feeding difficulties and I am so thankful that there are specialists out there like Ciera. The office was very accommodating and pleasant. Thank you!
Andi Tockstein S.
I have worked with Ariel for 2 of my kiddos and can't possibly say how much we love her and FFS. My daughter has been see Ariel did about a year now and we've seen so much progress. I've even been able to bring her older brother and Ariel included him in everything they did. I've also seen Ariel after my youngest son was born and was taking over an hour to eat. We were able to do feeding therapy for him and after just a month or 2 he was eating in 15 minutes.Not only do we love our therapist but even the office staff has been phenomenal. They took on our insurance company when they refused to pay for visits. The FFS stay went above and beyond to fight for coverage. I am so grateful for the leg work they did on our behalf.
Julie B.
We can’t say enough wonderful things about Keri Bartel with Frisco Feeding & Speech. She has been working with our 9-year-old daughter for the last year and a half on various feeding and speech issues. Yesterday was our last session and it was such a bitter sweet day for us. Keri has become such a wonderful friend to our daughter and family. She is so gifted as a speech therapist. We were always amazed how each week Keri could pinpoint even the slightest correction our daughter needed to make in a certain area and how that would make such a difference with her feeding and speech. Our daughter now has more confidence when speaking in front of and to others. We will be forever grateful for our time with Keri and can’t recommend her enough if you’re looking for a speech therapist.
Josh R.
Working with Ciera was AWESOME! She really helped us with my daughter who had a lip & tongue tie release. She helped my daughter basically learn how to suck properly all over again after the release. She is very educated, honest and professional! I would defiantly recommend working with her as she is super helpful, always listening to your concerns and also there for you from not just a therapist perspective but a mom to mom perspective. She really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and was very encouraging throughout my daughters therapy.Also, the owner (although met one time- first impression is everything!!) was very welcoming and so nice. Really made me feel warm and like I was at the right place with my daughter! 10/10 Recommend Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! 🙂
Samantha S.
We had a wonderful experience with Tamika. She’s very knowledgeable and helped my daughter resolve her speech issues efficiently. She found ways to engage my daughter to make therapy fun.Even with the pandemic going on she found great tips and tools to continue therapy. We are very grateful. She kept the lessons fun and productive! We saw my daughters speech improve very quickly after working with her. I would recommend Takmika again and again! We can’t thank you enough!! She’s simply the best!
Stacy S.
Tamika is the one you’re looking for when it comes to infant nursing and feeding help! We went to therapy from 6 weeks to 6 months with help from Tamika for our little man, and he is thriving! If you’re having any doubts about your breastfeeding journey, or even bottle feeding journey, I would not hesitate to reach out to Frisco Feeding & Speech therapy. Tamika is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and has such a calming professional manner. We will miss seeing her!
Lauren K.
Ciera was an amazing therapist. She was patient with my daughter and made quick progress on her speech goals.
Shannon W.
My son worked with 2 amazing therapists at FFS this past year. Shout out to Ms. Brittany at the McKinney location and Ms. Elizabeth at the Frisco location. We saw progress every week and are so impressed with these ladies! I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech!!
Kathryn B.
I can't not say enough good things about Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy, especially Ms. Keri Bartel. I would give her 10 stars if I could. We've been seeing two therapists there since 2019, and Keri is the one we stayed with for almost two years. All three of my kids had services with her at different points for different concerns. Now they have all "graduated" but we'll forever cherish what we've learned from her. Keri is professional, knowledgeable, considerate, and a good listener. She's alway very spot-on and we can see results quickly just in a few sessions. For example, at some point one of our kids wouldn't open his mouth at all for solids. We tried different foods but nothing worked. Keri did a simple evaluation and quickly found out he had a very severe gagging problem, which is likely to be the reason he didn't want to take solids. Then she taught us some exercises to practice at home. Within a few weeks the gagging was significantly reduced and he started taking solids! It almost felt like a miracle to us. Another thing that we appreciate a lot is that she not only provides service to our kids, but also educates us parents. Many techniques she taught us are timeless and priceless for parenting in general. We always feel safe and comfortable to talk to her about what's going on with our kids, knowing we'll get an answer--if the issues are not feeding/speech related, she would give us referrals and point us to the right direction. We feel very lucky to have her as our therapist.
Jingjing W.
Terra is wonderful. Patient, kind, flexible, and has a warm heart. She has been a great support for my son. My son enjoys his session with her she brings out his best abilities. I can truly go on and on but believe me, this is a place you want to have your kid if they need services. They are always so accommodating and provide immediate feedback on my kid's progress. Love it here.
Temi K.
We have had such a great experience with Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy! Keri and Terra have been fabulous with my girls. One of my daughters attends for speech therapy and my other daughter just graduated from feeding therapy. They are on time starting and stopping each session, give you any necessary information to work on during the week, and have helped us with any insurance questions we have had. We have been going for about a year now, and I would highly recommend it!
Kelli G.
My daughter started here in 2016 with feeding therapy and transitioned to speech therapy after one year. This team of exceptional therapists are knowledgeable and compassionate. Ciera has been a blessing, and my daughter’s speech has improved so much over the last four years!This clinic is very busy, but they offer many flexible options, including telehealth, for busy families.
Tonya M.
Nicole is a pleasure! My son has a blast playing with her and learning at the same time. He gets so excited to go each week. His improvement has been phenomenal
Natalie B.
I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech! Jeanine Roddy is an experienced professional who is fun, energetic, and makes speech an all around fantastic experience. She has a fastatic play area that all kids will love. She is easy to schedule appointments with, prompt in replying to messages, and really individualizes a therapy plan specific to your child. We have been with them since October and have received excellent communication with our therapists and seen major growth in our sons communication. I can’t say enough positive things - this is the best place in Frisco!
Lindsey Westerman T.
Overall a very positive experience. Keri did well to explain the purpose of the exercises virtually and keep us on track. With my ever changing work schedule I had to ask for schedule changes frequently. Keri was adaptable and worked patiently with both me and my son over a 6 month period. Impressed with Keri's knowledge.
Peet Burger (.
We are very happy with Frisco Feeding and Speech and our therapist, Tamika, is the best! Besides being a great therapist and motivator for our son, she’s simply a great person with a kind nature. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and caring speech therapy environment. It’s been a great experience.
Mel S
This therapy location is a very organized, clean, inviting, and runs on time. We learned a lot from our therapist on strategies to help our daughter who had a few difficulties eating an appropriate volume and variety of foods.
Taylor B.
We love Frisco Feeding & Speech! Our therapist was Ariel and she was the best! She set out clear & obtainable goals to help my son improve his feeding, and each week she helped us achieve those goals! She was very professional, kind, and genuinely cared for my son. From evaluation to discharge, the process was very smooth and everyone we spoke to was pleasant and helpful. We were thankful for my son to have met his goals, but we were sad to not see Ariel anymore! We highly recommend Ariel and Frisco Feeding & Speech!
Molly W.
My son enjoyed his speech therapist Maggie! She is very knowledgeable, transparent and caters to your child needs during each session. I highly recommend !
Kori E.
My son has been apart of Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy since October of 2020. His speech progress has been amazing and that is 100"% in part to his therapist, Ariel. Starting speech in the midst of a pandemic seemed daunting but the office was always upfront with their prodigals and took every step to ensure we were kept safe and my son still received excellent care. They have always been understanding when we needed to switch to a telahealth visit or needed to try to switch schedules. I would/do recommend them to anyone who needs their service.
Leslie H.
We had a fantastic experience with Elizabeth. Our daughter felt at ease with her immediately and loved her sessions. Elizabeth is very warm, engaging, and gave our daughter great tips to work on at home. Highly recommend her!
Mary C
Keri Bartel has been so amazing with my son. He has made so much progress since he started. He only spoke a few words, now he speaks in complete sentences. She really cares about the progress of each child. If anyone is looking for a speech therapist, I would highly recommend Keri.
Kim S.
We started with Frisco Feeding and Speech last year. They have made an impact on our lives beyond belief. Ciera has gone above and beyond to help us with our feeding challenges with our son who is 9. He has attended feeding and speech before, and had some challenges with our previous therapist. He looks forward to seeing her weekly, he's tried new food and he embraces the openness that Ciera has taught him. His eating habits are changing, he has a long list of new foods and I cannot express the best mother's day gift she has given me. CIera has recognized things even his doctors he has had for years has not. She's helped us find a neurologist and she goes above and beyond. If you do not the team of Frisco Feeding and Speech in your life you are missing out. Ciera is amazing and has been such blessing to our family and we are forever grateful for her.
Alice S.
I cannot speak more highly of Tamika Magloire as our Feeding Therapist! My newborn did great latching for breastfeeding in the hospital, but once discharged she had difficulty and wasn’t having wet diapers so I knew she wasn’t getting anything. Of course this occurred on a weekend so my resources were extremely limited and things didn’t work out. We started her on formula but she was pouring the milk out of the sides of her mouth and still losing weight. I had spoken with the pediatrician at every step about my concern for a tongue tie but he did not appreciate one. At our one month checkup, he recommended Speech Therapy/Feeding Therapy. At the recommendation of our chiropractor, we made an appointment with Tamika. Best. Decision. Ever. She immediately noticed my daughter had a posterior tongue tie that severely limited her tongue movement and a double banded lip tie that did not allow her to latch well on the bottle. She recommended a pediatric dental surgeon who got us in immediately for the laser release. Tamika kept in communication with the dental practice while I was doing the post surgical care and was my main supporter when the stretches of the open wounds and cheek exercises (to reteach her the proper way to eat) was wearing down on me. She listened to me. She collaborated with me as we hit road bumps. She validated my range of feelings. She encouraged me. She became a friend. The day we were discharged from needing Feeding Therapy was bittersweet because of all we have been through together to get my daughter to where she needed to be. She even sent me follow up recommendations on starting solids as well as checking on my daughter. Tamika is not just great at what does, but she is passionate. And that speaks volumes of her.
Nicole M.
Ms. Ciera did WONDERS with my very spirited and slow-to-warm up daughter. Ciera was patient, kind, and so helpful in getting her where she needs to be. She went from only drinking milk and eating oatmeal to being an adventurous eater and gaining weight. I am forever thankful to Ms. Ciera.
Shar G.
Elizabeth was our Feeding Therapist and she was wonderful! Always patient with my son and had great suggestions for continuing therapy in the home setting.
Stacy G.
We contacted Frisco Speech because my daughter was becoming increasingly frustrated with not being understood by those around her. Only our immediate family members could understand what she was saying most of the time, and even we sometimes couldn’t understand what she was trying to tell us. After the initial assessment we were paired up with Ms. Keri, who laid out a clear plan for her speech development.Ms. Keri made our daughters appointments fun and engaging, most times my daughter was excited to go to her speech appointment. Even during COVID restrictions and virtual appointments, Ms. Keri made the sessions engaging and as fun as possible. She took the time to really get to know our daughter and what made her excited and ready to learn.We couldn’t be happier with the results that we experienced with Ms. Keri! Our daughter saw Ms. Keri for almost two years, and the grow that we saw during that time is remarkable. She recently started Kindergarten and is absolutely thriving! Both adults and kids alike can understand everything she is saying and her confidence is through the roof!Many of my friends asked me why we didn’t just use the free services that the local schools provide, but we didn’t feel like they could have provided the attention and care that we received with Ms. Keri. At the end of the day the cost was well worth it to us. We couldn’t recommend Ms. Keri more highly!
Kristen K.
As a parent you worry about your child’s development and hope to find someone that will care about their needs at the same level as you. And we have found our place! My son is 3 years old and we have seen such growth in his language skills in just a few short months! I was highly discouraged after I took him to Frisco ISD to be tested (not to mention the wait to even get the ball rolling there). I was overwhelmed, confused by their reasoning and they left us feeling hopeless. I had one phone conversation with Jeanine and I hung up feeling hopefull and encouraged! Ciara is the one working with him and she is an exceptional speech therapist! My son looks forward to going to see her every time. She is fun, matches the children’s energy and has created fun ways for my son to learn. He has a new confidence that i love seeing and I’m so thankful for this team. I wish I could give them more stars!!
Amanda Roman L.
Ariel is Amazing. 10 STARS! It was a pleasure working with her! I would definitely recommend her! She is kind and very patient. Knowledge of the job and also would take the time to teach me. We had to leave her. We will definitely miss her .
Bridgette A.
Words can't describe how much Keri Bartel has positively affected our life. She has worked with our son, Jamison, for over 2 years now and the improvement he's made has been tremendous. She's very kind, caring, informative, flexible...I can go on an on. Because of Keri, our son is prepared to enter kindergarten and will have no trouble communicating with his teachers and peers. Jamison truly loves "Ms. Keri" and we are eternally grateful for the time she has spent with him.
John R.
We had a great experience while seeing Keri Bartel! She was so sweet and patient with my son. In just a few short visits he was beginning to communicate better. Not only did Keri work well with my son but she also gave great advice for how to encourage language at home. His language has exploded and his tantrums, from lack of being able to communicate, have subsided. We are so thankful for Keri and all of her help!
Emily H.
Tamika's help got my babies to take a bottle which I was desperate for after waiting too long to introduce one. She's so knowledgeable, encouraging, and super helpful. I brought both boys to her; she analyzed why we might be having the issue, made suggestions for fixing, and followed up nicely. She helped me get them taking bottles within 1 visit. They also got me in faster than anywhere else I called. Super accommodating. Forever grateful! Deal! 😉
Kristin Z.
My son received services from Frisco Feeding an Speech Therapy from the ages of two years old to almost 4 years old. My son has a relatively rare speech disorder called apraxia of speech and during this time we received EXCEPTIONAL service from the entire care team. Our son went from nearly non-verbal at two years old to having many words, phrases and being able to communicate and be understood – I attribute his progress and his current speech efforts to Jeanine and her team. From the beginning, Jeanine, the founder and clinic owner, was able to quickly and easily establish a great rapport with my son (which was not our experiences at other practices as we tried several before finding Jeanine & team). Jeanine supported us in aggressive daily therapy. Our son received services from four therapists in the practice (due to the frequency) and Jeanine coordinated the plan of care seamless between all providers in her practice. She even took the extra step to coordinate with occupational therapy and preschool. I was impressed by the level of clinical expertise, compassion and commitment from the entire team and from Jeanine personally. Her team made ST fun for our son! During these almost two years, Jeanine worked closely with our family and our son’s multidisciplinary care team (including teachers, OT, neurology, etc.) to ensure the team was coordinated in their approach. When our family moved away from DFW, were very sad to leave the strong group of speech therapists that provided care for our son. I would offer the highest level of recommendation and endorsement for Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and for Jeanine, Brittany, Shelly, and Elizabeth. I have only the upmost respect and trust with the whole team and highly recommend Jeanine and team for any speech or feeding delay, and in particular if your child has apraxia of speech. If we are ever in the area again, we would return to the practice without hesitation.
Cory B.
I have nothing but great things to say about this facility. The office team was able to work with my insurance to make sure we were covered starting the therapy. Sarah is also great. She helped my daughter open up to her and eventually they became best friends. Going through therapy has been a overall positive experience.
Sarah C.
I really liked the feeding therapies here. Our therapist (Miss Abigail) was very kind and knowledgeable, my kids loved her, I wish my kids could stay longer here but unfortunately my insurance stop covering these visits. I definitely recommend this place!
Nancy G.
Keri is a wonderful, thorough, and patient therapist. As a telemedicine patient, she teaches me what I need to do to help my daughter (15 months with feeding therapy) and answers my many questions. We were finally able to meet her in person recently and she was wonderful with my daughter- so kind, affectionate, patient and tender. After multiple appointments with several specialists, this journey has often felt discouraging, impersonal, and overwhelming. Keri seems to genuinely care about our progress and is understanding with our concerns. I am so grateful we found her!
April S.
Tamika was seriously fantastic and gave us hope again! My little one had a lip and tongue tie that was revised. Let me tell you that the frenectomy is not the only solution! It takes a good treatment team to get that baby to re-learn how to swallow. Tamika gave us such great hands on stretches and was so knowledgeable about breastfeeding, I felt at ease under her care. More importantly she communicated with the other team members about my LO progress. 10/10!
Diana J.
Exceptional care and understanding. I felt like our speech therapist, Tamika, took a very customized approach to our daughter (3) speech needs. She was constantly assessing and trying new tactics. Her demeanor is very loving for young patients and we're very happy with the results.
Nicole B.
It doesn’t get any better thank Ciera! As a first time mom, I felt very lost when we found out my son had significant oral ties. She not only walked us through the procedure but, helped us with aftercare and stretches. She also went one step further and really helped during starting solids. Fast forward to today my son is 1 and thriving thanks to Ciera! Couldn’t recommend her enough to parents looking for someone in their corner!
Julie B.
Great place. The pediatrician recommended my son to get feeding therapy. I am so glad we followed her recommendation. My son is not afraid to try a variety of foods. The office is very friendly and organized. Tamika was very patient and helpful and she made and impression on him. I highly recommend this place.
Karen C G
My son worked with Keri for several months and made significant progress with eating under her care. She is kind, funny and absolutely brilliant in her field! She was always able to distill complicated concepts into easy-to-implement strategies. My son also absolutely adored her and didn't mind going to therapy at all because Miss Keri made it so fun! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Keri and Frisco Feeding!
Michelle M.
Ciara is amazing. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone! My daughter was referred to her with feedings issues at 4 months old. Having an infant struggle to eat/gain weight seemed so overwhelming at times but Ciara was the highly knowledgeable and compassionate constant both my daughter and I needed! She is wonderful, office is clean and pleasant!! 🙂
Kaitlin H.
We started seeing Keri at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy when we noticed that our 12 month old had some feeding issues, especially with texture. I can't even explain how great of a decision this was. Meal times went from stressful to something we had the tools to navigate confidently. Our daughter went from not eating anything solid, to now eating whatever we put in front of her. Keri is so understanding and patient, and educated us as parents while standing up for our child's issues, helping us to understand instead of being frustrated. We are so so grateful for all of the help she gave us!
Hailey S.
We can't say enough great things about Ms. Leah at Frisco Feeding & Speech! Our son spent several years with her, progressing on strategies for fluency (stutter) and enunciation. We were grateful when his therapy transitioned to social-emotional and executive function intervention. Ms. Leah is one of the best and we are proud of our son for his success in her care.
Bianca C
We had a great experience with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! My four year old needed speech therapy before starting Pre-K, and after just a few sessions she showed marked improvement. I really appreciate everything they were able to do for her, and the lessons were targeted to her interests, so she remained engaged and attentive throughout her sessions. They definitely made a difference for us!
L. M.
I just wanted to say thank you for all the help, and the great environment our daughter was in for the past 6 weeks. Miss Hibah did a wonderful job. Always so kind to the kids, and very knowledgeable. This is a really great thing 😊
Gisany T.
Tamika is more than amazing!! My son came out of his shell, bloomed and really learned to express himself. His sessions were always engaging and fun. He looked forward to them each week. Tamika is very well educated in best practices for successful outcomes. We are so grateful and forever thankful to her for helping us get him on the track. 🌻
shante P.
Our daughter has been attending speech therapy sessions with Ms. Lexie for several months now and we are thrilled with her progress! Lexie is wonderful and we can’t say enough great things about having her as a SLP. Her caring and calm nature is so reassuring. She’s really invested in the process and helping us understand the best ways to work on speech at home too. Our daughter loves going to her sessions and that makes us so happy. We have noticed so much improvement in her vocalization, especially lately. As parents treading through these unknown waters, we are also very grateful for the insight and patience with us. We are so thankful we found Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! Highly recommend the office, all of the staff working here seem wonderful.
Christina D.
I just want to say a big thank you to Shelly Gordon. She is an amazing speech therapist that loves her profession. Choosing her as my son's speech therapist has been the best decision ever. We started speech therapy back in January 2021, and my son has shown so much improvement with his speech, play etc. I will definitely recommend Shelly to everyone, she is the best speech therapist my son has ever worked with.
Remy O.
My son has been going here for a long time now and he loves it so much that he cries every time he has to leave. The staff are all incredible especially Ms...
Breanna E.
I highly recommend frisco feeding therapy.Ms Jen was my son’s speech therapist and she did a wonderful job by encouraging not only my son but also the parents with lots of ideas and solutions to motivate our son to use words. She is a great asset to frisco feeding therapy. Her involvement with kids and parents makes the environment more comfortable and also helps parents to learn more about their children.Thank you frisco feeding therapy and Ms Jen for your great service.
Priya N
We had a very positive experience with Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Tamika does a fantastic job. We had feeding therapy sessions with her for our infant and she was very helpful and professional. She was able to figure out solutions and was so nice! The whole process was a great experience and I highly recommend her.
Whitney S.
When my daughter started with Keri, she was barely speaking a couple of words, did not use any pronouns and wasn't speaking in complete sentences. 6 months later, she is the most talkative toddler! She is speaking in complete sentences and comes up with new words daily! She is able to recount her day which she wasn't doing previously and was a source of concern for safety reasons. Working with Keri has been a joy and blessing! She is patient, kind and always providing feedback and advice. Highly recommended!
Bukola O.
Emily has made so much progress with my boys in such a short period of time. She makes everything fun and the boys absolutely love going to speech each week.I have loved watching their conference grow as their speech improves.
Christina S.
Working with Keri was an absolute pleasure! She’s patient, knew exactly how to channel my little guy’s energy and very knowledgeable.We’re so pleased with the progress he’s made.
Zanunu L.
Ms. Keri is so gifted in dealing with kids. She managed to get 10 year old son focused during Zoom meetings for almost one year. We learned a lot as a family from Ms. Keri and are ready to practice our learning on our own. Highly recommend for kids with food aversions.
Toni Carreon B.
As concerned parents of a child with delayed speech and having heard many opinions on what the root cause of the issue may be, we decided to take matters in our own hands as best as possible and seek professional assistance. After countless phone calls with speech professionals across the North Dallas area we finally came across Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. It was immediately clear that this was the organization that met our needs the best, and was going to be of the greatest help to us.We were extremely fortunate in getting to work with Keri, on whom we had read multiple positive reviews. Keri drafted a detailed personalized plan with tiered goals for our sessions, she thoroughly explained what and how we would accomplish the seemingly insurmountable mission ahead of us. Week after week of consistent and patient work with our little boy, we have seen so much progress it’s hard to believe that this is the same child that only had a 20 word vocabulary a year ago. Keri has helped to develop his communication to where we are working on sentence structure and multiple themes in a real conversation.This really has been a journey together with Keri and we can see how genuinely vested she is in our child’s progress and improvement. Now that he is in school, Keri provides us with an additional resource and sounding board as he acclimates to a social environment.We wholeheartedly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and Keri Schoenemann in particular, as an organization and professional who care for the improvement and growth of your child as much as you as parents. We could not have made the progress we have without their support and guidance.
S H.
Leah, all I have to say is you are awesome!When Camila started with you, we felt she was struggling with her communication skills. In 10 short months, she has made leaps and bounds improvements where we cant actually get her to stop talking and telling us stories and just feeling so comfortable and confident to speak and articulate with others. Your sessions have helped drastically in preparing her for Kindergarten next year.You are truly a special person to be so patient to work her. Infact, you have taught us to be better parents.You will always hold a special place in Camila's, Grandpa's, and our lives.Hopefully, when our 9 month old (James) is a little older, we can enroll him with you to help with his personal development and communications skills.We cant thank you enough!Jim & Juliana*For anyone reading this, Leah is the best thing to happen to our daughter's education. Cannot put a price on the improvement in our daughter's development. Leah comes very highly recommended.
Jim T.
Emily has been phenomenal with our daughter. We had another therapist prior to Emily and we have been very happy with Emily. You can tell she truly cares about our daughter and isn’t just working for the paycheck. Our daughter loves her time with Emily and always speaks of her as a friend.Though our daughter is still a stubborn wonder, Emily has taught her many tricks to identify how she can handle certain situations. Emily didn’t follow the curriculum intended for our daughters age but instead transitioned to what our daughter really needed.Our daughter is still selective with her food but meal time has improved leaps and bounds. We attended food therapy for a little over a year. Overall we are very happy to have had Emily in our lives and any family working with her is lucky to have her.
Rebecca G.
Keri West has become an integral part of our family. My daughter loves her, she can’t wait to see her. She gives her hugs all the time. My daughter is extremely shy and she is super happy and bubbly when she see’s Keri. I am so grateful for Keri and her professionalism and how kid friendly she is. If, you are looking for a specialist I would highly recommend Keri.
monica C.
It has been a wonderful experience to work with Ms. Ariel Vovakes. She is caring, supportive and a great listener. She is always willing to support us in every possible way. She has been a blessing to our family. Our daughter has made a lot of progress since we’ve seen Ms. Ariel.
Jenny C.
Our daughter has been seeing Keri for feeding issues and anxiety for the past year, and we are very pleased with her progress. Keri is very compassionate, patient and always has a solution for any obstacles we face. She has really made an impact with our daughter to be more flexible, to think positively about food, and push herself out of her comfort zone. There have been times we have thought our daughter was never going to add foods to her diet, but Keri has changed that. We couldn’t recommend her enough!
Tamika, our therapist, was amazing! Not knowing much about feeding therapy, she always made sure we understood what was going on and how, what we were doing, would help. She also made sure we always understood what exercises we needed to do and let us practice in our appointments to ensure we were comfortable at home. Any question we had, Tamika answered them or found the answer and would reach out later. She also made sure to work with our schedule, as well as always make sure we were comfortable and every precaution to keep health a priority. When we started the process, we had a little boy who couldn’t eat or move his tongue around properly. We were still feeding every 2 hours(8 months in). Now, after 3 short months, our baby is eating like a champ! He can even drink out of a straw. Everyone in our house appreciates the sleep we now get and we will never be able to thank Tamika enough for all the work she put in to help our son! Can’t recommend enough!
Melina D.
We have had a wonderful experience with our providers at FFST! They work amazingly with my 3, 4, and 7 year old children. We have seen great progress and I highly recommend this practice. Our therapists and the owner are helpful, friendly, professional, and just plain pleasant. They definitely enjoy working with children which results in happy, productive children. They are the best.
Rachel Sloan, P.
I truly enjoyed working with Ariel. Her patience, encouraging tactic and knowledge helped my daughter improve on her eating and chewing habits.Ariel was very considerate with me and my busy schedule. She showed so much flexibility while working with me and that helped me continue to use Frisco feeding as my provider
Pelumi W.
Tamika saved breastfeeding for me. I sought out Tamika after seeing 3 lactation consultants and being encouraged to do exclusive pumping by my pediatrician. Prior to her, no one could tell me why my child was unable to successfully breastfeed or feed well from a bottle. Tamika diagnosed the root cause for both issues, developed and helped implement an effective treatment, and collaborated with other providers to make our feeding story a success in only SIX visits. I felt like she was a part of my family’s team and that even if breastfeeding wasn’t successful, she would be able to effectively help us transition to exclusive pumping. I’m so thankful for her help.
Natalie B.
I couldn't be happier with my experience at Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Leah Estep worked with my son individually on executive functioning skills as well as in a group setting for social skills. Due to her hard work and support, he has made excellent progress in both areas. Leah is kind, communicative and has a great way with children. She is very good about working a child's interests into her sessions to help them meet the challenges of therapy. I highly recommend her!
Robin R.
Ms. Ariel is an outstanding speech therapist and she keeps my 4 year old daughter engaged and having fun while she’s learning new sounds. My daughter has made so much progress working with her this year!
Kate D.
My son started at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy last year and we have never looked back! He has progressed from making noises and and sounds into short word phrases and sentences. Friends who saw him the other day were so impressed with how much better he was speaking and we owe it all to this place! Terra, his speech therapist is amazing and it’s so nice to see genuine concern and care for my son. He loves going to speech and asks me every day to go. If you’re searching for the right place for your child to improve with speech or anything else Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy offers, look no further. You won’t regret it!
Anna W.
Mrs. Keri has become like a member of our family! She has treated each one of my children. She has certifications to help children manage their anxiety, as it relates to feeding or social situations. She has helped my ADHD kiddos to manage their time and tasks, interact appropriately with others, and use higher order thinking skills. She treats her patients with compassion and patience. Mrs. Keri is extremely professional and we have been so blessed to have her assist our family.
My daughter was suffering from anxiety related feeding issues and Frisco Feeding & Speech therapy was a life saver! I had run out of ways to help her and turned to FFS for help. Tamika, our therapist was wonderful! After a few sessions, my daughter was very comfortable with her and trusted her. Tamika created a safe space for her at therapy and my daughter would look forward to her sessions. They taught her strategies and ways to cope with trying new foods. It was life changing for us and we no longer suffer through anxious tear filled mealtimes. Thank you Tamika and FFS!!
vanessa N.
I cannot recommend Frisco Feeding enough! Especially Ciera who helped my son from a few weeks old till almost 3 months with his latch. We went to multiple lactation appointments, lip and tongue tie appointments and many other things. Ciera was able to help with exercises to open his jaw and protrude his tongue. She was very kind and supportive and went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable. She is very knowledgable on breastfeeding and supported me with information to further my journey. Frisco Feeding helped me so much and I am very thankful!
Allison U.
My son has been seeing Keri at FFS for awhile now and we cannot say enough great things about her! Emerson looks forward to his session every week and is always excited to spend time at the clinic. I love that they offer Telehealth visits as well when we can’t physically make it to the office. If you are looking for speech services, I highly recommend Keri at FFS!Edited to add: From the beginning of our speech therapy journey to the end, Keri has been wonderful with Emerson each step of the way! We are so sad to be relocating and leaving FFS. I still can’t recommend Keri highly enough for speech and feeding therapy!
Carla B.
My son has been receiving speech therapy from Tamika Harris for the last 5 months and I could not be more pleased. Tamika and the staff at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy have been outstanding! Tamika has taken the time to help me, as a parent learn about my son's condition as well as how best to help and advocate for him. Tamika is fun, bubbly and extremely professional in the ways that she works with my son 3 days a week. She is always coming up with new ways to approach his therapy that will continue to challenge and help him improve with his ongoing development. Tamika has offered to speak with my son's teacher and SLP at school in order to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to his condition and his treatment. She and the staff at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy are very responsive to any questions I might have and are always kind and compassionate when it comes to our feeling as parents and our children.
Carrie S.
We had such a great experience. My son learned so much and i truly see a difference. I would recommend coming here to anyone. They are very understanding also willing to work with your schedule and rescheduling if you miss a appointment. Great company and great staff.
Bre P.
Tamika was wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge about my Jackson’s grade 4 tongue tie. We had a lot of struggles with him eating and she walked us through it all. We finally got to the root of his issues and were able to fix all his feeding issues. Appreciate her so much. If you are lucky enough to get Tamika, you and your child are in great hands : )
Ashley N.
We are very happy with our time spent at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. We were struggling with bottle feedings for our cleft palate baby and when our pediatrician and surgeon weren't giving us the help we needed with feedings, we went to Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. Ciera understood and validated my fears and worked with us and our baby to make his feedings better and more efficient. She provided such great advice and techniques to implement during feedings, I truly don't know where we would be without them. We saw Ciera up until our son was 9 months old- partly because we are confident in his feedings now and we moved internationally. But I feel better knowing I can continue to do virtual visits with Ciera, if the need arises again!
Lauren and Marty K.
Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy is amazing. Janine, the owner, is extremely helpful and very kind. Our two boys (4yo & 2yo) work with Ciera and Keri and we can't say enough positive things about them. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond. Our boys look forward to "playing" with Ciera and Keri, and it's exciting to see them implement what they have learned in their weekly session at home. These ladies are experts in their field and are excellent at handling the challenges that may arise when working with young, sometimes uncooperative and spirited, children. I definitely recommend FF&ST and am confident they will have a SLP to meet your child's needs.
Ty P.
Had a most wonderful experience with FFST! Tamika came in to our life with our six month old and our very first session we made a huge shift in our feeding strategies that worked magically. Three months later, we’re right where we are supposed to be and I’m sad to not be seeing her anymore!!! So thankful to have found her.
Amanda M.
Tamika was my sons feeding therapist. From day 1 till our last day she was there and very attentive to my son. She picked up concerns that my son was having and got us the right doctors to address and help him! We loved Tamika and would recommend her hands down!
Simber K.
We are very happy with Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Our teenage son worked with Keri Schoenemann for 2 years to get help overcoming food anxiety. Keri is a true blessing, and was professional, responsive, flexible, caring and very patient with our son, despite the occasional teenage sass. Also, due to scheduling conflicts we had most of the sessions over zoom, which worked out great and allowed our son to make progress even during the COVID pandemic. Keri was awesome in that she helped him to understand how his brain worked and gave him strategies for how to overcome his food anxiety from unfamiliar flavors and textures and form a better, and even a more adventurous relationship with food. Keri also challenged him with goals, homework and provided practical tips to overcome obstacles encountered between sessions. Honestly, you can tell Keri really cares for our son and the things she has taught him, have not only helped him with food anxiety, but will apply to help him overcome many more challenges throughout his life.Feeding issues can be very frustrating to both parent and child and if you need help, this is the place to go and Keri is the person to see (I’m sure her coworkers are great too, but we are biased for Keri!)
Chris T.
Coco hit the jackpot with Ms. Brittany. We had the pleasure of working with her for 14 months. Coco has mastered her wh questions- answering and asking them, is talking in full sentences, listens and follows two steps directions, and is so much happier now that her expressive and receptive skills have flourished (she just turned 4). She was barely putting 2 works together and couldn’t figure out a one step direction when we started.Ms. Brittany is a great communicator to me as well. She always did a great job of of summarizing the session and telling us what to work on. She has a very special talent working with young children. We are forever grateful for all improvements through play she taught Coco.
leslie S.
We had a great experience with Keri Bartel! My child had become severely underweight due to eating issues that had become progressively worse over years. She was able to help him transform into a kid that was able to try almost anything and eat a larger and more normal diet. She provided him with the tools to be successful without causing any unnecessary stress or anxiety about it! We are very grateful!
david M.
All of the therapists are so amazing. I can’t say enough good things about them. They are all so personable and truly care.
Jamie B.
My son received services from Frisco Feeding an Speech Therapy from the ages of two years old to almost 4 years old. My son has a relatively rare speech...
Cory B.
We can't thank Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy enough! Tamika has been working with my 5 year old son and she did her job! She is an experienced therapist who has a clear vision to improve my son's speech. She efficiently brought challenging tasks and my son managed them with her fun and encouraging approach.I am also grateful to all the staff there for being kind and patient to me, too. It was not easy to understand professional terms, especially for non native English speaker like me. I appreciate their respectful manners.We are very happy with the results and will miss you greatly.Thank you!Hiro and Chie Kawamura
Mrs. Tamika was absolutely wonderful to work with. From our first consultation, she immediately identified the issues our son was experiencing and she created a plan. My son loved his sessions with her. Mrs. Tamika is patient and kind and very involved in sessions. She assisted in providing us additional resources and referrals. As a result of seeing Mrs. Tamika, my sons tongue tie and feeding issues were addressed, and Mrs. Tamika even recognized other issues related to his tonsils and referred us to a specialist. I cannot praise her enough! My son is now eating better, and has no more functional limitations regarding chewing and eating food. Mrs. Tamika is SPECTACULAR!!! In addition, the office staff is also very kind and was always quick to respond to my calls or emails if I ever had any questions. My son is currently attending their summer camp and is also enjoying it very much.
Angela B.
My son started therapy with Ciera in April 2019 for some pretty significant articulation issues and WOW. She worked her speech magic and corrected my son’s issues in less than a year! He loved seeing her and always had so much fun working with Ciera. She is just amazing, as is the entire clinic, but we are extra thankful for Ms. Ciera and the love and attention she put into our son. He just “graduated” from therapy and his teachers at school even commented on how much he has improved and they can understand everything he says. What a change!! I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Ciera and I HIGHLY recommend her if you have a kiddo with articulation and/or language needs. You will be SO happy you entrusted your child’s development to this clinic.
Natalie B.
We had a wonderful experience with Frisco Feeding and speech. My son has a hard time interacting with anyone outside of his family. Brittany made it a very easy and great experience to help him feel comfortable and at ease. We saw her for feeding and speech, twice a week. Unexpected events would arise from time to time and she was able to accommodate a new time or day. My son grew to love her and asked about her even on days we had no appointment. Due to our out of state move, we’ve had to come to an end. I have seen my son grow tremendously, both verbally and with expanding his food interests. I know if we were able to stay longer, he would of been able to completely finish his therapy goals. Going from barely eating one or two things to having a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc and from one or two words to full blown sentences, amazes me on how far we’ve come.
Angie F
Ariel was so wonderful with our daughter. She related well with her and our dtr showed quick progress. She was accommodating to our schedule, she always responded promptly to emails and when we were gone out of town she arranged therapy via zoom so that she did not regress. The billing department was also very helpful with questions and figuring out coverage. Highly rec.
Beth S.
We were referred to Frisco Feeding & Speech by our pediatrician due to my 7 year old daughter’s /r/ articulation errors. From intake, through treatment, to discharge we had professional, timely, and encouraging experiences. We live 90 minutes north of Frisco. This facility could easily accommodate our needs through telehealth and in-person sessions. Our therapist, Keri, was super fantastic! My daughter shared that Keri’s games made learning easier and fun. We also very much appreciated the homework practice Keri strongly encouraged us to follow. We believe our compliance with all aspects of my daughter’s recommended treatment plan along with Keri’s enthusiastic, skilled instruction/modeling and encouragement led my daughter to the success she has today. We are very grateful for Keri’s expertise! Additionally, I give high marks to the facility’s administrative support and intake process. We felt taken care of every step of the way! Thank you!
Ruth J.
we went to Frisco feeding and Brittany was our therapist , I can not thank her enough for what she did for my child , she is perfect , very professional , very knowledgeable , she pointed straight to my child issues with significant lip , tongue as well as buccal ties , we had significant speech\feeding delays as my son was missed diagnosed by his pediatrician who did not even look once at my child mouth even though we were complaining about him having feeding difficulties since day 1. My whole point is if your child needs help Brittany is the one who can make a change. I'm so glad we met and worked with her. Keep up the great job Brittany 🙂
Hassan A.
I am very happy with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. I highly recommend them. I took my son there to address a feeding disorder and the results were amazing. The approach of the therapist and the techniques used helped him to be more open to try new foods. They were also very supportive on handling the paperwork with the insurance. The place is clean, the people are friendly and kids feel welcome.
Leslie P.
I had a great experience with Tamika, who is very patient and experienced. With her advices on oral exercise and bottles, our baby latches in a more correct way now. Highly recommend!
hao M.
Leah is an excellent speech therapist who is able to quickly understand a child's strengths and challenges, develop a connection with them, and find the best ways to engage and motivate them.She is knowledgeable not only about speech and communication, but has also helped us to address other challenges such as sensory issues. Leah introduced us to AAC and has been guiding us on the correct approach to using it. My son now has a way to communicate his thoughts, needs and wants and is able to participate meaningfully in so many more activities.Leah has also acted as a strong advocate for my son in the school system. I would highly recommend her to any family looking for a speech therapist!
Neha B.
It has been such a great experience working with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. The front office is kind and responsive, making scheduling and billing easy and efficient. And my boys have both looked forward to seeing Ms. Keri and Ms. Ariel for their speech articulation sessions. These ladies have a gift for making therapy fun and positive, and I can see my children's progress each week. Keri and Ariel are also wonderful about communicating with parents and caretakers about updates and goals after each session. We've had a very positive experience with Frisco Feeding & Speech and I would highly recommend them for speech or feeding therapy.
Marissa S.
Cierra was a wonderful find for our family! She is beyond patient and caring and makes you feel supported and heard at every treatment session. She is open and willing to answer any and all questions. Every session I left with tips and tools on how to advance my child and things to work on between appointments. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with oral ties, breast and bottle feeding!
Christina P.
Keri was the absolute BEST to work with. My daughter was a a poor puree eater and in just a few months she's an eating pro. Keri listened to our concerns and tweaked treatments based on that. She was easy to communicate with and very good with the kiddo. Besides Keri, everyone at the office was easy to deal with - from scheduling to payments, everything was streamlined and uncomplicated. HIGHLY recommend Keri and Frisco Feeding.
Michelle B.
In a single visit Brittany Larson identified the main issue impeding my son’s chewing ability—a visit that followed months of testing and therapy from other experts. In that single visit with Brittany, she improved my son’s eating and my family’s life. Every visit thereafter strengthened my son’s eating ability.Brittany is amazing. She is amazing in her expertise. She is amazing with children. She is the person I would recommend to anyone seeking help in both identifying and remediating a child’s eating impediment.-Daniel
Daniel C.
I was referred to Frisco Feeding & Speech by my child’s pediatrician when I noticed his dysfluency. I was very nervous because my child was very shy and I didn’t think he’d comply with therapy, but we needed to do something. We went to see Ariel Vovakes and I was so relieved. Even though the first session my kiddo was shy, she didn’t push him out of his comfort zone. Because of that, the following sessions he was more at ease and started communicating comfortably with Ariel. This made him more successful with using the tools she gave us to help with his dysfluency. We as parents used these tools at home daily to reinforce what he had learned. Ariel was always very professional and easy to get in touch with if we needed anything! I have to give a shout-out to the people in the office there too, they were always so helpful with insurance info and super easy to communicate with. The facility was always very clean and organized. My child has since been discharged from there care as we saw much improvement with his speech. I’d highly recommend Frisco Feeding & Speech!
Roxanne R.
There truly are not enough words to explain how amazing Emily is! When my son started FF&S he barely spoke a few words and I swear she waved a magic wand and had him talking in no time at all. She made sure to give me things to work on with him at home and answered any questions I had. Emily is always so kind and you can tell she really cares about her patients. My son absolutely adores her and always looks forward to his sessions. We are so thankful that he can now communicate with us without any issues. I would HIGHLY recommend Frisco feeding & speech!
Hailey U.
We love our speech therapist, Keri!Keri has been an indispensable resource in our child’s life. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is always so happy and bubbly, her limitless patience level is #goals, Keri always goes above and beyond, she is always my first point of contact when I have questions regarding an evaluation, IEP, or questions in general — she is just the best!
Brittany S.
This place was amazing for my son. He really enjoyed going weekly. Ariel was so patient and caring.
Leigh-Anne R.
My son worked with Tamika at the McKinney office for 7 months before we moved out of state. She was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand everything going on in a way that we could continue therapy at home when he wasn’t working with her in the office. My son got excited ever time I told him it was time to go see her. He progressed tremendously just within the short period we were able to work with Tamika. Our family will miss her greatly!
Megan C.
Frisco Feeding & Speech was a great experience for my son. He showed great improvement in a matter of months with Keri's approach. Thank you!
Alyssa W.
My son loved Ms. Ariel, she was so warm and friendly. She made his feeding therapy so much fun. He was excited to come to his feeding therapy every week. I would highly recommend her to others.
Cynthia S.
Jeanine & Team are the best in Frisco. Jeanine's expertise & quality of work that she puts in every child is Amazing 🙂 I would highly recommend the place.
We began taking our daughter to FFST and are so grateful for our experience with Ariel over the past 19 months. She was instrumental in helping our daughter improve her speech from almost non communicative to holding full conversations. She know tests within normal ranges and although bittersweet, has no reached her goals set. Ariel not only helped with speech, but with the coping mechanisms for the frustration that can stem from not being understood. I find that she has helped all of us through her therapy with our daughter. I would highly recommend Ariel and Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy.
Kristen C.
My son has been working with Keri Bartel for over a year now and has shown great improvement in using her speech therapy techniques. Not only that, he loves going to see her and calls her his friend. We are thankful to have her in our lives!
Buy Or Sell With C.
Ariel was amazing with my daughter and would always have a wonderful attitude. She always had time to address all of my questions and give me much needed guidance.I would recommend this establishment for anyone seeking to get their child speech services
Yolanda S.
We LOVE Frisco Feeding and Speech! After having a lip and tongue tie released, Ciera was a huge help in establishing a great breastfeeding relationship. Incredible tips and tricks and always amazingly supportive as we worked through problems together. I’m so glad we pursued therapy after the releases! I don’t think we would have been so successful without them. Thank you Ciera!
Kait S.
Ciera is amazing! We really appreciate everything she did to help my newborn with all his feeding issues.
Ashley B.
Mrs. Jeanine was awesome! She did the initial evaluation on my son because we thought he might be delayed. She reassured us that he is typical and that he...
alex B.
We are so thankful for Keri and FFST. I feel like we were truly blessed with being matched with Keri. My daughter was born with a short frenulom which instead of being addressed right away, was pushed off till she was 3. My husband and I were worried that too much damage had been done and nervous her speech was so affected by it. Keri has always been so patient with our daughter and had helped her so much. She has made great strides and went from a bit of delay in speech to not wanting to stop talking. Unfortunately she is sometimes too comfortable with Keri that she'd rather just chit chat about her day than do actual exercises. Thank you Keri for everything you've done. We'll certainly miss your bright smile every week.
Angelica Y.
Ms. Tsao has been wonderful at the McKinney office. My son has improved tremendously!!She’s awesome!!
Liliana G.
Ciera Gianni was a God send for us. Like many people in desperation for their children in a time of need, I google’d speech therapists in North Texas. As many popped up, Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy had amazing reviews. I made a phone call when my daughter was just a couple of months old and within no time, we had our first appointment with Ciera. My daughter had feeding issues which Ciera identified with a tongue and lip tie as well as silent acid reflux. She really helped us so much navigating through a very difficult season. She also had the best recommendation for a dentist she referred us to that performed the tongue and lip tie procedure right when all the chaos happened when covid first started that identified her needs as an emergency so she didn’t have to wait any longer as many places were completely shut down at that time. My daughter was eventually discharged after much progress, and about a year later, my daughter was delayed in speech- really in all of her milestones. We reached back out to Ciera, and again, she got my daughter where she needed to be and is all caught up! We are so truly thankful for her! I HIGHLY recommend you reach out to Ciera because you will see results!
Hailey and Bryan B.
If you are looking for help with feeding, I would strongly recommend visiting Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy and I want add a special mention for Tamika Magloire. We started feeding therapy for our son at around 11 months of age as recommended by our pediatrician. Tamika connected very well with my son and clearly understood his problem. She then helped us in every stage of feeding. Over the course, several new challenges came in and Tamika knew exactly how to resolve them, she gave a lot of suggestions and provided resources to use at home as well. Overall, we found a lot of progress with chewing and drinking and we couldn't thank Tamika enough for all the support she provided us.
Sruthi P
Can I just say it here that I love love the services that you provide for our son. Our therapist Lexie Hernandez especially is the best. My son came in at 4 and half years with very little eye contact, could not answer the basic "W" questions and could not even retell just ended activities when asked. Now he will actually seek an eye contact with you when communicating, he will tell me about his day at school when asked and seem to be using a whole lot more words than a mama could ask for when I need quiet. All in less than 5 months !! Thank you Lexie!!!!
Betty B
It’s hard to describe the impact this place, most importantly Terra Caswell has made on my 2.5 yr old son. He came in non verbal, with receptive and expressive delays and she has really nurtured so much confidence in him, he now is a completely different person! I think as a new parent you don’t really grasp the whole picture with your children’s delays and how to handle them. It’s not until you see them improve and aside from teaching my son Terra has done an incredible job at helping me help my son. I’m so grateful to have found this company and am grateful to have such an incredible person being a big part in my sons development and early life.
breanna E.
Tamika was the feeding therapist for my daughter, and she is absolutely amazing. When we first visited my daughter was not taking the bottle well, having spillage, major reflux. Tamika worked with her and the dentist to get her lip/tongue tie revision completed and after, it was like a whole new baby! She no longer has to be on reflux meds, and has an excellent latch on the bottle! Highly recommend!
Kaiya N.
After 15 years of misdiagnosis my child, I was referred to the Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy in Frisco. I was close to loosing my teen. Keri is phenomenal in her work. And when the therapy started just seeing what great response from my kid, I was so relieved and happy. Finally a place where they have the right professionals who know what they’re doing. I see improvement and this gives us hope. I recommend Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for ARFID patients. It’s a journey worth taking.
We took our one-year-old to Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for feeding help. Tamika is our therapist. She is very knowledgeable and caring. when we first started kid is so badly rejecting to eat, she also has a bad gag reflex, she used to throw everything out once she started gagging. Tamika directed us on how to address these problems one by one. she took time in understanding our kid and created a therapy plan. She gave us some tips and directions. some really worked. we did see good progress. I would definitely recommend this place.
YaswanthVarma V.
We love Keri Schoenemann at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. My 11-year-old saw Keri for myofunctional therapy the past several months. Keri is so professional, nice and great with kids. My son liked going to see her and after the evaluation, couldn’t wait to continue seeing her. Not only is she very knowledgeable on myofunctional therapy, she is very process oriented and her treatment plan was very logical and easy for my son to practice at home. She is one of the few therapists I’ve ever seen that actually sets goals and measures them. This really impressed me. She knew from the evaluation what the problems were, how we would go about working on them, the specific things we needed to do to achieve these goals, and after the tongue release, the process we would follow to strengthen the tongue muscles and work on endurance. Her ability to explain how things worked and why we were doing them were easy for us to understand. I am so glad we decided to go through the therapy prior to and after the tongue release. My son now has the correct resting posture for his tongue, can breathe through his nose, and swallow his food without remnants staying in his mouth. I highly recommend Keri. She’s one of the best!
Jen D.
We have loved working with Terra, and she has been the perfect fit for our little boy! She is so patient and loving, but she also has the magic touch of getting our stubborn 18 month old to work hard for her!The office is so warm and fun, and we highly recommend them!
Haley L.
Frisco Feeding and Speech is a wonderful therapy office with caring therapists and a clean and pleasant environment. The therapist Tamika has been such a help to my son this past year. He went from saying words to now sentences and feeling more comfortable speaking. She is so caring and makes therapy so much fun for him that he looks forward to going each week. She always makes time to speak to me and discuss my sons progress either at the session or via text. She always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for amazing therapists in a clean and fun environment.
Lauren K.
We had a 2 months experience with this place.Our therapist Tamika was great.she is kind and knowledgeable .my 3 year old son was really comfortable with her and every time we we were going to the appointment he was excited to see Tamika. I recommend her to anyone who need a professional and caring therapist.
My son worked with Keri for a long time and it was truly a great experience! Keri always answered all of our questions and gave us great tips on how to carry over at home. You can really tell she loves what she does. And my son LOVED going to see her every week. She always made the session fun and provided good feedback. I would definitely recommend Ms. Keri for feeding therapy! We will definitely miss seeing her every week!
Michelle C.
My son had difficulty eating. Mrs.Ciera helped him learn how to have fun and look, touch, and taste different foods. She taught me how to let him have fun with eating. We enojoyed it and now my son likes to eat a variety of food.
Sarah R.
We encourage any family that has a child with food issues to go see Brittany. She has successfully desensitized my son’s tongue, moved back the location of his tongue tie, and helped him become a more adventurous eater. She is the best!!
Elizabeth N.
Highly Recommend for feeding therapy. Elizabeth Noji was great with my 6 years old who was afraid to even taste certain foods. She was able to connect, relate, and provide him and me with simple strategies that worked.
We have only been a few times but so far we can tell that this place is leaps and bounds better than most. Jeanine and her team are so caring and are ready to listen and care for each child accordingly. The therapist we saw Sound was so great and kind to Emma. We highly recommend her and the rest of the team!!
Mark D.
Ciera helped us so much after our son's lip and tongue tie release! She was thorough, knowledgeable, informative, and helpful through the whole process. I'm pretty sure she's some sort of baby whisperer/magician.
Skylar W.
Ciera was great with my son - we were able to correct my sons speech deficit in 8 months. Our son also loved going to therapy. Great environment and great staff!
Jennifer L.
I took my 4 week old infant to see Ciera for her feeding issues. Ciera was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to quickly determine what was causing my baby’s issues. She was able to refer me to a pediatric dentist for a corrective procedure and continued to work with us to help resolve the feeding problem. I would highly recommend Ciera and this practice. Thank you for the wonderful and compassionate care!
Allison W.
We started feeding therapy at 9 months at the recommendation of our pediatrician. We worked with Keri from start to finish and were discharged at 15 months. Keri helped at every stage in feeding, from teaching our baby how to chew and use/strengthen all muscles required, to how to introduce new textures and purées, to how to introduce solids, and how to introduce new foods to a now picky toddler. At each stage our daughter had new difficulties arise and Keri knew exactly how to help resolve the issue and provided practical at-home exercises that would help resolve our concerns over time. By the time we finished with feeding therapy our daughter could reliably and safely eat foods that were presented, as opposed to immediately throwing up like when we first started. I am grateful for the knowledge and lessons Keri provided. We are expecting a second baby later this year and are confident we now know how to continue to implement the lessons learned if needed, and would request Keri again if the situation arose.
Emily T.
My son was very blessed to have Ms. Brittany as his speech pathologist. She is very amazing at what she does, and definitely excels at establishing relationships with the children. Her ability to relate, assist, and guide parents through being able to navigate through the complexities of speech delay is most definitely her calling. My wife and I enjoyed our experience seeing our son progress under the guidance of Ms. Brittany. He started at around the of 1 3/4 years old and was having difficulty speaking, establishing eye contact, and basic communication skills. He is now 2.5 years old and is able to speak much more words than when we first started, as well as establish appropriate purposeful eye contact during social interactions. We will forever be grateful for Ms. Brittany and are saddened to have to part ways due to conflicting schedules on our end. We highly recommend Ms. Brittany for any parent seeking assistance for their child in speech!
Chris A.
What we experienced at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy was truly amazing. This is our first child and we were a bit hesitant to seek out services since we were doing all the recommended things at home in abundance, but in the matter of a few weeks seeing Jen, it was like the light bulb went on for our daughter. Seeing how she’s progressed in just a few short months makes my mama heart burst with joy. She truly is our little chatterbox now. Words truly can’t express how thankful we are for Jen and the wonderful work she did with our family. We were anxious starting the process and unsure what to expect, but she held our hand throughout the entire process. The work they do is truly remarkable and we’ll always be grateful for them! Would recommend a 1,000 times over!
Amanda Q.
Our family is very happy with Frisco Feeding and Speech! I chose this facility because I read great reviews about little kids loving their sessions with delightful teachers. That’s all I wanted for my sensitive little girl; a sweet and caring teacher. We have definitely found that in Tamika Harris at the Mckinney location. She is patient, sensitive and kind. It is evident that she really loves working with small children and that small children love working with her. She radiates so much positive energy that at home my now speaking daughter will tell me, “I love (Ta) Mika, she is so happy.” It’s such a warm feeling as a mother to know I can completely trust Tamika in private sessions with my little girl because I know she’s not only experienced and great at her job but she is also taking great care of my daughter’s well being and contributing to the love and attention she gets at home. She offers a safe haven for our daughter to learn, be challenged and to grow. Thank you, Tamika and to Jeanine for providing a healthy environment for our precious girl. - Kelly and Jonah Leiseth
Jonah L.
Frisco Feeding & Speech is wonderful for my son! Abigail is great at helping us understand and work through my son's eating issues. She is warm, kind, and makes my child feel comfortable during his sessions. We highly recommend Abigail and Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy!
Tammy E.
I don’t know where to begin with this post! My 3 year old, now 4 year old daughter came in with, after an evaluation with FS&ST, expressive and receptive language delay. Basically it was hard for her to describe things and well as understand the meaning of what things are/do. We started back in August, twice a week for 30 minutes. And the progress we were seeing was a little slow at first, but it was about teaching her with repetition. She is also in a Mother’s Day out school program twice a week.But after, I would say Christmas, it was like her little light bulb turned on. Mrs. Shelly, comes out after every session and talks to me what they worked on and I/we would/do always try to apply that at home as well, again repetition is important for her. Shelly has been so amazing with her/us. This Wednesday is our last session with her, b/c she has met all her goals, and we are so sad. Our daughter is now speaking full sentences and able to come home and talk about her day at school. We are so happy with where she is. Not that I thought she would never speak a full sentence, she just wasn’t where she needed flit be for her age group and early intervention is just what she need to give her a little push. We love Frisco Feeding and Speech. Thank you Shelly for everything you have done for Ava😉 you have been truly amazing🥰
Kate G.
We absolutely love Ms. Leah at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! We recently moved here from another state and everything from my first initial call inquiring into feeding therapy, to our actual sessions have been amazing. We started our twice a week sessions in January 2020 and could see a lot of positive improvement. I was so worried when COVID-19 happened that we would have to end our sessions, so when they told me we could continue through telehealth I was was SO GRATEFUL!! Since the beginning of March we have been continuing our sessions via Zoom twice a week. Our son looks forward to his sessions and is enthusiastic and excited to show any and all successes he had over the weekend with Ms. Leah at each online session. It's basically like having Ms. Leah right in our home! Our son will take the computer and show her the pantry, the refrigerator and ingredients. We don't feel like we have missed out on a single thing by transitioning to telehealth services!! Here are some tips I have if you plan on transitioning to telehealth... 1. let your kiddo play around with the computer a few times before your first session... maybe just with something like Word or something similar so it's not a shiny bright new toy at your first virtual session. 2. If you have other children, set up an activity for them to keep them entertained during your 30 min session. Like a small tub of water, puzzles, audiobook, etc. Either way, Ms. Leah has been so patient and kind about interruptions and distractions. I'm super grateful that Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy and Ms. Leah have adapted to this crazy time in our world and made therapy still available and accessible to our son for his continued success. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!!
Mrs. L.
Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy of McKinney is THE best place for children who need guidance developing effective communication skills and socialization. Ms.Jeanine & the other therapists are friendly and welcoming, while Ms.Tameka, our therapist, is AMAZING! She is patience personified, always making each session fun, interactive, and positive.I would highly recommend Frisco anyone for his or her child's educational, social, and emotional needs.
Mia S.
The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Great team, great practice. Highly recommended.
Luis S.
My son is going to Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for more than a year now. I found them really helpful and knowledgeable. Currently my son is getting speech therapy through Telehealth form Ms Shelly and it is working really great. Ms shelly is really knowledgeable and ready to work hard. She is always trying some fun innovative idea how we can work from home. I definitely recommend them.
Arup D.
My son started Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy two years ago to address a significant speech delay and is now caught up for his age (now 4). We were blessed to work with Ms. Ciera. Ms. Ciera significantly helped to develop my son’s speaking skills and she had a very positive impact on his self-confidence. If it weren’t for Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy my son would not be where he is at today. I HIGHLY recommend Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy!
Megan K.
We've visited several speech therapists after we moved to the Dallas area and Tamika is the best. She is intelligent, energetic, and caring. I like to sit in the room during the session and I can always learn something from her. She is experienced with kids of various speech issues. I highly recommend her to my friends who are looking for an engaging speech therapist for their kids.
Ling H.
We had the best experience with Frisco Feeding! Our pathologist was very friendly and helpful. She helped us after our baby had tongue tie surgery (lip tie, cheek tie and tongue were all tied). She was very informative and hands on with giving us exactly what we needed to do to help our baby recover. She gave great advice and went the extra mile to research our baby’s diagnosis with reflux. Ciera took time to explain everything extremely well and was very empathetic and kind! Highly recommend!Also, lots of extra Covid precautions were taken to make us feel safe during the pandemic with a newborn.
Creg D.
Keri Bartel does amazing work with kids that are having eating issues. I have now had both of my kids work with her, and she has helped them tremendously. She works with them in a way that isn't traumatic or scary, and they look forward to seeing her every week! What she does really works, and I highly recommend her!
Arianne M.
Our speech therapist at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy is really incredible. We are so pleased with the progress that our daughter has made there. I highly recommend them if your child is a late talker.
Celia R.
My 3 year old loved attending therapy with Ciera. I love how prompt they are here, how clean the center is and the therapist always give great feedback at the end of each session. I definitely saw improvements in my son and communication has become easier for him. If you are unable to make your appointment, they try their best to work with you and reschedule for another day or time. Wonderful group of women that provide a top notch service to our littles.
Mahogany L.
My son loved his therapist (Abigail) and he/we learned so much about how to facilitate a better relationship with food. It changed how we look at and talk about his eating challenges. So many people told us "he's just picky", but Abigail taught us that it's sooooo much more than that for him. Great experience!
Meredith S.
Keri came highly recommended from our orthodontist and we soon learned why. She really understands how to keep kids engaged while improving their condition. I would highly recommend her or her colleagues to anyone who needs therapy. Our community is blessed to have this level of expertise supporting our children.
Shannon S.
Our son has worked with Brittany Larson for the past year and we have been so very happy with her! She is so patient and went out of her way to find new ways to keep him engaged and excited with each session. He looked forward to seeing her each week. We have been so pleased with the progress he has made and would highly recommend this facility for speech therapy services!
Tricia S.
Frisco feeding and speech was recommended to us by our son’s pediatrician when he wasn’t talking much around age 2. We started seeing Keri Bartel here. She instantly made our son comfortable through things he enjoyed doing. She has been very accommodating. Our son talks non stop now and it’s all because of Keri’s hard work. She will answer any questions and concerns. She ensured that my son’s documents were in order for him to qualify for other services. I highly recommend Keri. She is kind, professional and truly cares about your child’s well being and success. Our son now no longer requires speech therapy!
Sadia A.
Mrs. Jeanine was awesome! She did the initial evaluation on my son because we thought he might be delayed. She reassured us that he is typical and that he will start talking very soon, sure enough with her resources on teaching phonological awareness, our son is doing great. I would highly recommend her
Alex B.
We've had such a good experience with both speech and feeding therapy here, especially compared with prior clinics. Our therapist Leah is quite skilled and has a great connection with my son; we're thrilled with the progress he's made. The office is well-run, with easy scheduling and billing, appointments running on time, convenient location. We've recently transitioned to telehealth for feeding therapy, which I was initially concerned wouldn't be effective, but it has gone well.
Katherine Y.
We had a great recent experience with Shelly Gordon, she is a Speech Language Pathologist. She is very kind and helpful. Our son enjoyed each sessions and we have learned a lot from her. We definitely recommend her who is looking for speech language pathologist for their kids.
Melek K.
Elizabeth was an absolute joy to work with. She was invested in my son’s improvement and we saw SO MUCH in just a short time frame. When we had to sadly move states, Elizabeth took the initiative to call our new pediatrician and fully brief him on our son and his progress so that we could continue therapy per his recommendation seamlessly in a new location which made our job as parents that much less stressful. Cannot recommend Frisco feeding and speech therapy enough, (ESPECIALLY Elizabeth!)
Karlee W.

Our Speech Therapist’s Goal is Simple

We strive to create success stories for each of our clients and their
families through speech therapy, feeding therapy & social skill training.


When a child achieves the goals of our individualized client treatment plan, we have a client discharge discussion with their family to discuss the results of the plan and possible continuing support that can be provided by the family.


A copy of our individualized client therapy treatment plan is provided to our client’s family after reviewing and agreeing to it with them.


Parents are welcome to observe our speech therapy or feeding therapy sessions with their child. After each therapy session, we offer a brief therapy summary and treatment status for our client’s family who are present at our clinic.


We offer free phone consultations with family members prior to enrolling their child in treatment to discuss their child’s history & therapy options.


Health Insurance Accepted!

We are credentialed and work with most major health insurers, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and TriCare. Prior to submitting a claim, it is important that you understand the coverage of your health insurance plan. Benefits can vary widely from one health plan to another.

Let us conduct a benefit check on your behalf to confirm your coverage for an evaluation and therapy services.

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