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Speech Therapy

Your child’s communication steadily builds on a solid foundation that is established during their early years. We utilize your child’s unique strength and interests combined with skilled intervention methods to address a wide variety of speech and language needs. Our goal is for therapy to be fun and motivating.


Feeding Therapy

Undiagnosed gastrointestinal conditions, extreme picky eating, oral motor development, oral sensory aversion, and mealtime anxiety are possible factors contributing to a child’s inability to consume a nutrient-rich and calorically dense diet. Let our trained feeding therapists help your child develop the skills needs to enjoy food and grow strong.


Social Skills

A child’s ability to develop social-emotional competence is critical to their lifelong success. We use evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention designed to teach children the cognitive, social, and emotional skills needed to foster healthy relationships and build self-esteem.

Specialty areas of treatment

We are a pediatric speech, language, and feeding therapy practice providing intervention and social skills development in our clinics and preschool settings.

  • Sensory-based Feeding
  • Oral Motor Feeding
  • Behavioral Feeding Challenges
  • Feeding Tube Wean
  • Autism-related disorders
  • Social Skills Development
  • Communications Skills
  • Auditory Processing
  • Pediatric Articulation
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Receptive & Expressive Language
  • Phonological Development
  • ​Pragmatic Social Communication
  • ​Fluency & Stuttering

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I highly recommend Jeanine for Speech or Feeding therapy! She worked with my daughter and made amazing progress on both speech and feeding. Jeanine was a big help for our family and gave us helpful tips to implement strategies at home. She is a wonderful therapist and I definitely recommend her!
Erin Breczinski
Jeanine is such a talented Speech Therapist and such a wonderful person. Jeanine worked with my son on feeding therapy. She was knowledgeable, patient and fun to work with. Jeanine had great ideas to expand my sons food choices and also had practical tips for us to work on at home. I would highly recommend Jeanine for Speech or Feeding therapy.
Sara Fitterer
Ciera was an amazing therapist. She was patient with my daughter and made quick progress on her speech goals.
Shannon Waters
We have loved working with Terra, and she has been the perfect fit for our little boy! She is so patient and loving, but she also has the magic touch of getting our stubborn 18 month old to work hard for her! The office is so warm and fun, and we highly recommend them!
Haley Little
Miss Jeanine was very effective in encouraging my kid to engage during his therapy session. My kid was always eager to come to her therapy because she made it fun for him. If your kid is in need of a professional and compassionate therapist I highly recommend Miss Jeanine.
Jeanine and her team provide exceptional care and services to children in need of feeding or speech and language therapy. The level of expertise combined with compassion is outstanding!
Julie Helen
I never write reviews but just felt compelled to put it out there how AMAZING Jeanine was during our first consultation about my toddler's picky eating. She was clear, kind, extremely intelligent and informed and most importantly she suggested concrete, actionable and REASONABLE steps for us to take which is exactly what this worn-out, overwhelmed mama really needed. I can't recommend her expertise enough. Save yourself the headache and heartache of over-googling and give her a call. VERY worth it.
Jenna D'Illard
Jeanine is a highly skilled speech-language pathologist who brings an exceptional level of clinical knowledge coupled with compassion, creativity, and family centered practice. She provides superior intervention to children while educating caregivers with effective tools to continue making functional differences outside of the therapy setting.
Andrea Nelson
Jeanine & Team are the best in Frisco. Jeanine's expertise & quality of work that she puts in every child is Amazing 🙂 I would highly recommend the place.
The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Great team, great practice. Highly recommended.
Luis Sanchez-Febres
Jeanine and Ciera not only have helped my boys speak more fluently- but they love my kids. They are smarter than smart, and kind as well. I can’t imagine a better combo for someone who is helping your kid through a struggle! I highly recommend!!
Sarah Colby
We had a fantastic experience with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! I am so pleased with the progress my son made over the last few months and continues to make given the tools both he and us as parents were given and practiced using at home, and would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for feeding or speech therapy.
Tiffany Gunter
Amazing! Jeanine has been working with our son for over 2 years. I cannot say enough good things about her and her staff!
Noel Brabant
We are very happy with Frisco Feeding and Speech and our therapist, Tamika, is the best! Besides being a great therapist and motivator for our son, she’s simply a great person with a kind nature. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and caring speech therapy environment. It’s been a great experience.
Melissa Shporen
When we first reached out to Jeanine, our son was struggling to swallow his food. He would chew it for an eternity, spit it out, and would ask for more. I HATED feeding my child because it was so stressful, and he wasn't getting the nourishment he needed. But Jeanine was so patient and my son responded so well to her. Now if only he wasn't so picky! I HIGHLY recommend seeing Jeanine at Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy.
Kelli Gornstein
My son started seeing Ms. Jeanine twice a week when he was about 2.5 years old. My son was severely speech delayed and had almost zero language when we started. Ms. Jeanine was able to turn on a switch in my son's head and after a few weeks my son started repeating simple words. I know that doesn't seem like much, but my son is incredibly stubborn and had previously refused to utter even a single word. Then after a few months of seeing Ms. Jeanine, we started hearing new vocabulary almost every day! Ms. Jeanine made learning new words really fun and my son was always really excited to go. I can't even describe the amount of improvement we saw in my son's speech. I would highly recommend Ms. Jeanine if your child needs a speech therapist.
Elaine Blythe
Mrs. Jeanine was awesome! She did the initial evaluation on my son because we thought he might be delayed. She reassured us that he is typical and that he will start talking very soon, sure enough with her resources on teaching phonological awareness, our son is doing great. I would highly recommend her
Alex Bhakta
My husband and I are so grateful we found Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy. Mrs. Terra has been nothing short of amazing and Grayson has absolutely loved his time here with her. She made every visit so much fun and I was so impressed with how quickly he started picking up words and annunciating. Fast forward 6 months later, our son is speaking clearly and in full sentences. We are forever indebted to Mrs. Terra and we are so thankful we chose Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy!
Heidi Milam
When I first met Jeanine my daughter Debbie was 3 years old and she was eating just blended food and crackers! she just refused to chew!We couldn't eat out as a family as there was never anything on a menu she would eat. After her initial evaluation at Frisco feeding therapy, Jeanine let me know it would be a slow process. After 6 months, she started eating fruits. However, something clicked around after that 6 months mark and she tried pancake. This was a huge step! I was finally able to make some Red lobster's biscuit which she really loved to eat . After the biscuit came some small victories like different breads. Then Jeanine was trying some chicken nuggets and at the beginning it was very frustrating as Debbie was refusing constantly! and then suddenly after a long time ( 2 months) she has started to chew that! In the last few months she's added 11 new foods to his diet, including piazza and few vegetables, shrimp, fish etc. I highly recommend Frisco feeding therapy if you have a problem feeder. Jeanine has been so helpful, she is patient, loving, caring and understanding. Thank you Jeanine! just give her a call and you will get your solution!
The DFW area has many therapy options, but Frisco has one of the best with Jeanine! She will not stop until she finds the right answers for her clients. Her passion around feeding and speech therapy makes her amazing. Let her help your kids! You will be glad you did...
Jana Shaffner
We have had a wonderful experience with our providers at FFST! They work amazingly with my 3, 4, and 7 year old children. We have seen great progress and I highly recommend this practice. Our therapists and the owner are helpful, friendly, professional, and just plain pleasant. They definitely enjoy working with children which results in happy, productive children. They are the best.
Rachel Sloan, PhD
My son has been going here for a long time now and he loves it so much that he cries every time he has to leave. The staff are all incredible especially Ms...
Breanna E.
Jeannine worked with my daughter who really struggled with tolerating different textures and flavors. She helped us expand her preferred foods and taught me strategies for helping my daughter try new things. Jeannine was a huge help for our family. We definitely recommend her!
Matt Nielsen
Terra is wonderful. Patient, kind, flexible, and has a warm heart. She has been a great support for my son. My son enjoys his session with her she brings out his best abilities. I can truly go on and on but believe me, this is a place you want to have your kid if they need services. They are always so accommodating and provide immediate feedback on my kid's progress. Love it here.
Temi K.
My son Jack had a lisp that I wanted to address before kindergarten. Jeanine helped Jack quickly fix his “s” while giving me plenty of support for at home reinforcement. He loved going to his sessions with her and was so confident when he “graduated” in less than 10 months!!!!!!
Tricia Mattera
Our speech therapist at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy is really incredible. We are so pleased with the progress that our daughter has made there. I highly recommend them if your child is a late talker.
Celia Reeves
Ciera was great with my son - we were able to correct my sons speech deficit in 8 months. Our son also loved going to therapy. Great environment and great staff!
Jennifer Leckey
Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy of McKinney is THE best place for children who need guidance developing effective communication skills and socialization. Ms.Jeanine & the other therapists are friendly and welcoming, while Ms.Tameka, our therapist, is AMAZING! She is patience personified, always making each session fun, interactive, and positive. I would highly recommend Frisco anyone for his or her child's educational, social, and emotional needs.
Mia Sanders
My son had difficulty eating. Mrs.Ciera helped him learn how to have fun and look, touch, and taste different foods. She taught me how to let him have fun with eating. We enojoyed it and now my son likes to eat a variety of food.
Sarah Romero
Frisco Feeding and Speech Therapy is a very professional and welcoming clinic that provides pediatric speech therapy services. The clinicians are competent and ready to take on any and all speech therapy challenges. The clinic is always clean, parents and kiddos seem to enjoy their time at the clinic, and the services rendered are appropriate and based on each client’s specific needs. I would highly recommend this business to anyone who may be looking for speech therapy services!
Caitlin Miller
Our almost 3 year old son has been coming here for nearly a year now and I can't say enough good things. He is currently working with Ciera and we adore her! She is so sweet and patient. She gives us tools to use at home and changes his treatment plan as he progresses. He has come so far, which in and of itself was the goal, but as a cherry on top he has fun every week. He gets excited on "speech days" to go "play" and races to the door; but we know he's learning and growing the whole time. This has been such a great experience at Frisco Feeding and Speech for our son and family.
Sheena Creek
Jeanine is a very motivated knowledgeable therapist! She had a wonderful energy and is amazing with children! I would highly recommend her!
Julie Rhea
Jeanine has been my son’s speech therapist for almost two years and he has recently been released from treatment. We used several therapists before and never really got anywhere. Working with Jeanine produced measurable results throughout his treatment. She is very knowledgeable, effective and connects with the children very easily. We are very happy and satisfied.
Cathy Pearson
We love Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy! Our son looks forward to going every session. As soon as he sees Ms. Terra, he runs straight to her, regardless of the type of day he is having. Ms. Terra has been life changing for us. Our son went from not participating at his previous speech therapy to loving every minute at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. She truly goes above and beyond to help in any way possible. I could not recommend it enough!
Christa Dennis
We had such a great experience. My son learned so much and i truly see a difference. I would recommend coming here to anyone. They are very understanding also willing to work with your schedule and rescheduling if you miss a appointment. Great company and great staff.
Bre Jones
As a parent you worry about your child’s development and hope to find someone that will care about their needs at the same level as you. And we have found our place! My son is 3 years old and we have seen such growth in his language skills in just a few short months! I was highly discouraged after I took him to Frisco ISD to be tested (not to mention the wait to even get the ball rolling there). I was overwhelmed, confused by their reasoning and they left us feeling hopeless. I had one phone conversation with Jeanine and I hung up feeling hopefull and encouraged! Ciara is the one working with him and she is an exceptional speech therapist! My son looks forward to going to see her every time. She is fun, matches the children’s energy and has created fun ways for my son to learn. He has a new confidence that i love seeing and I’m so thankful for this team. I wish I could give them more stars!!
Amanda Roman Leak
Wow! We are so Thankful that we found Frisco Feeding Speech Therapy. My daughter is three and has a delayed speech issue but Mrs. Jeanine has been so...
Amanda M.
We were SO grateful for Jeanine at Frisco Feeding Speech Therapy. My pediatrician referred me to her for a maxillary lip tie and latching issues. My son is 2 months old and she was so gentle, loving, and kind to the both of us. She made sure to take adequate time discussing with me my son’s symptoms, what I’ve noticed as a mom, etc. She then evaluated him herself, reassuring me that even though I’m a first time mom, my mom instinct was right. She was encouraging to both my son and I when she was giving us new strategies to work on, and gave research based advice, and fellow mom advice, too. 😉 She sat with us though an entire feeding to show me every new strategy and to let me try them while I was there and had her help. I was very nervous going into my son’s evaluation, but as soon as we got settled and began talking, I just knew I was in the right place. I wholeheartedly recommend Frisco Feeding Speeech Therapy. I felt like my baby boy was cared for like her own.
Haleigh Pickett
We are so grateful to Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy for what they've done for our son. They created a learning environment where our son was motivated to improve his speech (words) and he loved going there. I highly recommend their speech therapy services.
Constance Wilk
It’s hard to describe the impact this place, most importantly Terra Caswell has made on my 2.5 yr old son. He came in non verbal, with receptive and expressive delays and she has really nurtured so much confidence in him, he now is a completely different person! I think as a new parent you don’t really grasp the whole picture with your children’s delays and how to handle them. It’s not until you see them improve and aside from teaching my son Terra has done an incredible job at helping me help my son. I’m so grateful to have found this company and am grateful to have such an incredible person being a big part in my sons development and early life.
breanna espina
Awesome therapists! Highly recommend Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy.
Michael Leahy
Jeanine is an outstanding therapist! Knowledgeable and engaged with her patients and families and passionate about what she does. Highly recommend!
Ashley Barrow
I am very happy with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. I highly recommend them. I took my son there to address a feeding disorder and the results were amazing. The approach of the therapist and the techniques used helped him to be more open to try new foods. They were also very supportive on handling the paperwork with the insurance. The place is clean, the people are friendly and kids feel welcome.
Leslie Perez Royer
My son started at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy last year and we have never looked back! He has progressed from making noises and and sounds into short word phrases and sentences. Friends who saw him the other day were so impressed with how much better he was speaking and we owe it all to this place! Terra, his speech therapist is amazing and it’s so nice to see genuine concern and care for my son. He loves going to speech and asks me every day to go. If you’re searching for the right place for your child to improve with speech or anything else Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy offers, look no further. You won’t regret it!
Anna Walls
My daughter looked forward to her weekly visits with Ciera! She used a variety of activities and games and made her feel safe. She provided helpful resources for us to read as well. It was a great experience for us.
Lindsay Placke
Jeanine is remarkable! Her passion for therapy is evident in the first conversation. Compassion. Knowledge. Driven. Definitely an asset to any family needing her guidance.
J Streff
Jeanine is a motivated, dedicated, highly experienced professional who is passionate about helping her clients succeed. She often speaks of the more challenging clients she has worked with and how she thrives on finding creative ways to help them find success. Jeanine is truly passionate about what she does and helping the kids she works with.
Tracey Cronley
I am very happy with Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. I highly recommend them. I took my son there to address a feeding disorder and the results were amazing. The approach of the therapist and the techniques used helped him to be more open to try new foods. They were also very supportive on handling the paperwork with the insurance. The place is clean, the people are friendly and kids feel welcome.
Leslie Perez
When my daughter was a little over 2 and not talking, I became worried. We took her to Frisco Feeding and speech Therapy where she became a client of Abby. In no time ( literally less than a month) she became confident in her words and was starting to talk. Abby discovered that through song our daughter really felt connected. She opened up and went from shy and no words to outgoing and a chatterbox singing her ABCs and 123s!! So thankful we went. Abby is beyond kind and cares for her patients like they are family.
Heather Stapp
I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech! Jeanine Roddy is an experienced professional who is fun, energetic, and makes speech an all around fantastic experience. She has a fastatic play area that all kids will love. She is easy to schedule appointments with, prompt in replying to messages, and really individualizes a therapy plan specific to your child. We have been with them since October and have received excellent communication with our therapists and seen major growth in our sons communication. I can’t say enough positive things - this is the best place in Frisco!
Lindsey Westerman Thompson
Jeanine is an amzing therapist!! She has a great way of communcating and getting kids to get to their best potential!
Allison Roberts
Jeanine at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy has amazing energy and knowledge that she applies to her clients. I highly recommend her.
Peter Wayne
Jeanine is extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough. We truly appreciate the assistance she has provided to our family.
Amber Toombs
Jeanine has the experience and enthusiasm which make her an outstanding therapist. She is able to engage individuals in a positive way - which makes her even more effective. I highly recommend her services.
Julie Cooley
Jeanine is such a great speech therapist who is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has so much passion! She has worked with my daughter to help her articulation, and my husband and I are so pleased with her process (and our daughter’s progress!). She has truly created a fun learning atmosphere - my daughter LOVES going - and has provided me with great material for areas that need improvement that I can help reinforce at home!!
Janet Moyle
Jeanine has worked with my children on speech therapy needs and her attention to detail is unbelievable. She is so kind and really cares for her patients. My children love her and can’t wait to go to their appointments.
Kipp Streff
I highly recommend Frisco Feeding and Speech! Jeanine Roddy is an experienced professional who is fun, energetic, and makes speech an all around fantastic experience. She has a fastatic play area that all kids will love. She is easy to schedule appointments with, prompt in replying to messages, and really individualizes a therapy plan specific to your child. We have been with them since October and have received excellent communication with our therapists and seen major growth in our sons communication. I can’t say enough positive things - this is the best place in Frisco!
Lindsey Thompson
Terra is my daughter's speech therapist. She is very warm, welcoming, attentive to any questions. My daughter always looks forward to see her.
Christina Zaderenko
Everyone at Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy is so helpful and caring.
Barbara Jean
If you are looking for a highly qualified therapist, specialized in Feeding and Speech Therapy, look no further. Jeanine is incredibly dedicated to staying on top of the latest studies and tools to help families reach their goals. Kids adore her, as her approach is warm, yet direct. She comes greatly recommended by clients and peers in the field.
Heidi Wilk

Our Speech Therapist’s Goal is Simple

We strive to create success stories for each of our clients and their
families through speech therapy, feeding therapy & social skill training.


When a child achieves the goals of our individualized client treatment plan, we have a client discharge discussion with their family to discuss the results of the plan and possible continuing support that can be provided by the family.


A copy of our individualized client therapy treatment plan is provided to our client’s family after reviewing and agreeing to it with them.


Parents are welcome to observe our speech therapy or feeding therapy sessions with their child. After each therapy session, we offer a brief therapy summary and treatment status for our client’s family who are present at our clinic.


We offer free phone consultations with family members prior to enrolling their child in treatment to discuss their child’s history & therapy options.


Health Insurance Accepted!

We are credentialed and work with most major health insurers, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aenta, and TriCare. Prior to submitting a claim, it is important that you understand the coverage of your health insurance plan. Benefits can vary widely from one health plan to another.

Let us conduct a benefit check on your behalf to confirm your coverage for an evaluation and therapy services.

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