Jeanine RoddyMA, CCC-SLP

    I believe every child has endless potential and is not defined by their area of need.   Fostering individual change is possible when a therapist is passionate about their calling and given the resources to implement their expertise.  In this way we will positively change the course of life for the children and families we service.

    What is one unique fact about you?
    I have spent most of my life competing. As a young adult, I earned a scholarship to swim at the University of Kansas and competed at the U.S. Open and National Championships. Upon graduation, I began endurance running and competing in triathlons. Racing at the U.S. Triathlon Championships with my father was one of my fondest memories.

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?
    Nothing beats the beauty or culture of France. Fabulous food, beautifully manicured parks, incredible beaches, and towering Alps.

    What is your favorite children’s book?
    “What Do You Do with an Idea?” by Kobi Yamada

    Do You Have Any Pets?
    I’m a crazy cat lady!

    What do you like to do for fun?
    On the weekends, you may find me cheering on my son at the baseball fields or applauding for my daughter at the theater. Perhaps if I am lucky, we may be boarding an airplane on our way to a new adventure.

    What is the best thing about your job?
    Each child presents their own unique strengths and challenges. My favorite part of being a speech pathologist is figuring out how to unlock each child’s potential by utilizing their strengths to alleviate their weakness. Humans have an inherent drive to eat and communicate with one another; being able to foster’s a child ability to enjoy mealtime with family or express their thoughts and feelings is a true joy.

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