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Social Skills Group Schedule: Call for session options

Age Groups Include:   7-10 Year Olds & Other Ages Upon Request


Group Curriculum:

Curriculum and activities have been chosen for researched based effectiveness.  Our social skills groups are led by highly trained and respected professionals. Jeanine Roddy is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and owner of Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy. 

Please complete the Group Enrollment Form to secure your child's spot in the group.

After School Social Skills Development Group

Social skills therapy isn’t just for specific groups of kids.  It can benefit any child, diagnoses or not, who needs practice and coaching to become a more socially mindful and successful communicator. 

Our social skills groups will learn strategies to:

  • Join in and connect with peers
  • Read social cues and navigate social situations
  • Engage in cooperative negotiation & conflict management
  • Use flexible thinking strategies
  • Take the perspective of others
  • Use mindfulness mediation to calm thoughts and feelings, and learn to understand internal emotions

Social Skills Development Training Prepares Your Child For School & Life!

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