A child who received speech language pathology services in Frisco,

By 12 Months

Expressive Language:

  • Makes a variety of consonant sounds 
  • Says some early words like "mama" and "dada"
  • Changes pitch like adult

Receptive Language:

  • Understands "no"
  • Follows others' point. Responds to very simple Spoken requests

Social Communication:

  • Uses gestures like "bye" or shaking head "no". Uses finger to point
  • Pays attention to caregivers' voices.

Pediatric Speech Language Pathology Services in Frisco Have Proven Results For Our Clients

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Child of speech therapists in Frisco

By 3 Years
Expressive Language:

  • ​​Can name most familiar things.
  • Uses pronouns like, "I," "we," and "you" 
  • Uses some regular plurals.

Receptive Language:

  • Follows 2-3 step instructions. 
  • Understands prepositions, like "in," "on," and "under"

Social Communication:

  • ​​Knows their age, name, and sex 
  • Can name at least one friend
  • Carries on a conversation using 2-3 sentences

By 4-5 Years
Expressive Language:

  • Tells simple stories using full sentences
  • Uses many rules of grammar, including correct pronoun use and future tense

Receptive Language:

  • Follows 3-step instructions
  • Sings a song or says a poem from memory

Social Communication:

  • Knows first and last name and address
  • Engages in pretend play
  • Engages in collaborative play

If you'd like read what our client's families say about our Frisco speech therapists and feeding therapists, here is a link to our Google Reviews.  It is heartwarming for us to hear how we have help improve these children's lives.
Child receives speech therapy services

​​If you're concerned that your child's speech development is delayed, the following childhood speech, language and communication phases might be helpful in deciding if your child would benefit from support of a speech therapist.

By 6 Months
Expressive Language:

  • Strings vowels together
  • Begins to say some consonants.
  • Makes distinct sounds for joy

Receptive Language:

  • Responds to sounds in different ways
  • May respond to own name

Social Communication:

  • Cries in differently to show hunger, pain, and being tired
  • Takes turns babbling with parent

Speech Therapy

in Frisco

We offer speech therapy for children who have varied speech & language disorders that are affecting their ability to fully engage in all aspects of life. Bilingual Spanish speech therapy is available.

Whether your child is just beginning to speak or is transitioning to secondary school, we provide your child personalized speech and language therapy to improve their ability to communicate and interact with family and friends at home and school.

Our speech and language therapy techniques have been effective in treating a wide variety of disorders, as well as non-verbal and Autistic children who have participated in other treatment programs without adequate results.

Children’s Speech Development Phases

Enabling Children to Reach Their Full Potential

Pediatric Speech Therapy Services Offered By Our Speech Therapists Treat Children With Single Or Multiple Speech Language Challenges That Impact Them In School And At Home 

  • Articulation
  • Phonological Development
  • Fluency & Stuttering
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy Kids
  • Receptive & Expressive Language
  • Auditory Processing Therapy
  • Autism & Related Disorders
  • Bilingual Spanish Therapy Support

By 2 Years
Expressive Language:

  • Knows about 200 words 
  • Puts two words together 
  • Understandable about 50% of the time.

Receptive Language:

  • ​​Points to things when they are named,

         including body parts and familiar people 

  • Follows simple directions

Social Communication:

  • Imitates adult activities in play 
  • Points to things in a book 
  • Repeats actions to make others laugh​

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