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  • Play with other children by 2 years

  • Speak clearly by 3 years old

  • Interest in interactive games & make-believe by age 3-4

  • Follow 3-part commands by 4 years old

  • Talk about their daily activities

  • Continue to progress & develop their communication skills

Frisco Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy Programs Include:

  • Respond to sound in the first few months

  • Attempt to smile & play with others

  • Make babbling sounds before 1st year

  • Say a few words by 18 months

  • Make simple sentences by 2 years

  • Say at least 50 words by 2 years old

Analysis of 18 Studies:
Participants between 18-60 months of age showed that parent implemented language interventions under the direction of a speech therapist had a significant, positive impact on language skills of children with or without intellectual disabilities.   (Roberts & Kaiser,  2011)

Systematic Literature Review:
Investigating the effects of early language intervention on late talkers revealed good evidence that early treatment improves performance on formal language measures, conversational vocabulary use & overall mean length utterance.    (Cable & Domsch,  2011)

Related Studies Show:
Children are likely to make the greatest gains when services begin during the early stages of development or the first 3 years of life.
(Dawson & Osterling, 1997; Girolametto, etal, 2001; Guralnick, 1998; Smith, 1999)

Speech Therapy Studies Show:

Speech therapy parent resources

Health Insurance Plans ...

We are credentialed and work with most major health insurers.  Prior to submitting a claim, it is important that you understand the coverage of your health insurance plan.  Benefits can vary widely from one health plan to another.

If you would like to learn more about your speech therapy or feeding therapy services insurance coverage, it would be best to check with your insurance provider directly. However, I've attached a link to the  ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc.) www.asha.org/public/coverage/php  site that explains basics to consider with health plans.

Please contact me if you have questions about how to determine your health care plan benefits your paragraph here

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Early Interventionhas proven benefits for late talkers and children with speech & feeding disorders.
Understanding the neuroplasticity of a child's brain supports the benefits of early treatment intervention.  A child’s brain circuitry is the most flexible during the first 3 years of life.

Benefits to your Child:  Early treatment of pediatric speech developmental delays has been shown to have a positive impact across a range of developmental areas, including the child’s health, language & communication, cognitive development, and  social-emotional development.  Don’t wait to explore treatment options for your child.

Pediatric Speech Communication Development Milestones

Early Childhood Intervention Treatment

Enabling Children to Reach Their Full Potential

Successful Communication can "Open the Developmental Door" for Your Child in School and in Life

Our personalized speech therapy and feeding therapy services enables us to address our clients' developmental needs, even if multiple issues effect their progress.  If you're concerned about your child's communication progress, the followingCommunication Development Milestonesmay be helpful in considering whether your child would benefit from our home-based, school-based or clinic-based therapy.

Pediatric Speech Communication Milestones

If  you're concerned ...

... And you think that your child might have a delay in their speech or language development, you can contact us for a  Free Phone Consultation  at 469-297-6340​.  We can provide professional speech, language & feeding evaluations that can be a guide to treatment options and that you can review with your child's teacher & pediatrician.  You can also complete our Enrollment RequestForm to get started.

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