A Collaborative Approach

We believe a collaborative approach results in superior intervention for our clients. Using a multidisciplinary collaborative model, we can ensure each child receives the best therapeutic intervention strategies tailored to their specific needs.

Rapport & Plan Building


The foundation of our therapy services is sound research. We are continuously implementing the latest proven clinical pediatric speech, language, & feeding methods to maximize treatment outcomes.

Feeding & Speech Therapy


Parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their developmental needs. We provide comprehensive and personalized feeding & speech therapy services.

Family Involvement


Our therapists have a strong academic as well as practical experience. We also work closely with parents, teachers, physicians, and other specialists involved in your child’s care. We believe a team approach results in better client care.

Development & Learning


There is a connection between a child’s developmental progress and their learning. Our therapists provide a combination of coaching and personal development skills to help children and parents learn how to reinforce their child’s success at school and at home.

Personalized Therapy


We have worked with a range of clients from infancy to young adults striving to achieve their full potential. Every child is different and every solution is a personalized treatment program based on a thorough speech & feeding evaluation.

Therapy Service Fees


Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy has extensive experience treating speech, language, and feeding disorders, and provides the latest therapy programs for a wide range of developmental needs with competitive service fees and programming.


New therapy client’s families can contact us for a free phone consultation or they can just fill out our Enrollment Request Form.

Our Process Is Simple

Every child has unique needs and no two situations are the same. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive evaluation process in which we really get to know your child and their needs.

Speech and Feeding ​Evaluation: We offer a professional comprehensive evaluation & assessment report. You may find the report useful to review with your child’s teacher, pediatrician, and other therapists. The findings from the evaluation & assessment will be used to develop your child’s personalized treatment plan.

Therapy Treatment Plan: No matter what your child’s age, our feeding and speech therapist will create a personalized treatment plan designed to target specific skill areas that will ensure your child develops the fundamental skills needed to build upon current strengths and overcome weaknesses.

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