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Speech Therapy Questions

How can speech-language therapy benefit my child?

  • Here are some of the benefits for your child:
  • Easier to understand at home and in school.
  • Less frustrating interaction with parents, teachers, and friends.
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Better communication at school can result in better learning.
  • Improved social relationships.

Early invention treatment can increase the effectiveness of therapy.

How can I tell if my child’s speech mistakes need therapy or are normal development?
Children progress at different rates as they learn to talk.  Our Development Milestones can be helpful for comparing your child’s progress to that a typical speech development pattern.  A professional evaluation and assessment of your child’s developmental status can be useful in determining if a therapy program would benefit your child, and if so, what type of treatment would be the most beneficial.

What kinds of speech-language disorders might be affecting my child?
The following are some common pediatric speech-language disorders:

  • Speech sound disorders - difficulty pronouncing sounds.
  • Language disorders - difficulty understanding what they hear & expressing themselves with words.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders - difficulty with thinking skills including perception, memory, awareness, reasoning, judgment, intellect and imagination.
  • Stuttering (fluency) disorders - interruption of the flow of speech that may include hesitations, repetitions, prolongations of sounds or words.
  • Voice disorders - quality of voice that may include hoarseness, nasality, volume (too loud or soft).

We can provide more detailed information on specific speech-language disorders.

Pediatric Speech Therapy FAQ's

Pediatric Speech Therapy FAQ's

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