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What Is Speech-Language Pathology Therapy?

It is the therapeutic treatment of speech, language & communication delays, and disorders, including related difficulties such as feeding disorders. Therapy can help prevent, diagnose and rehabilitate a child’s developmental issues.  The purpose is to help a child develop effective communication and life skills

Why is early intervention so critical?

Speech, language & feeding treatment is the most beneficial when it begins in preschool. Difficulties can persist & may affect a child’s progress through high school.

Do you conduct in-home evaluations, assessments and therapy treatment?
We provide home-based, school-based and clinic-based therapy. The setting for our evaluations must be appropriate for the child to be able to be properly evaluated.

How do I initiate assessment and/or therapy?
You call us for a Free Phone Consultation or complete the Contact Us form on our website.  Once we agree upon the therapy services that will be the most beneficial for your child, we will provide you with the appropriate forms and releases documents.

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