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Billing & Timing Questions

Will my health insurance cover my child’s therapy?

We are credentialed and work with most major health insurers. Prior to submitting a claim, it is important that you understand the coverage of your health insurance plan.  Benefits can vary widely from one health plan to another.  Speech, language and feeding therapy may or may not be covered by your insurance plan.  So, it is important that you check directly with your insurance company to determine what therapy coverage is provided under your plan.

How do I submit “out of network” therapy for reimbursement?
We will provide you with an invoice for therapy that you can submit to your insurance company.  Our invoices contain information on the therapy diagnosis, treatment codes, session times, fees paid and a description of services provided as well as information on our practice, ie, tax ID number, license number, etc.

What are your fees for an evaluation & assessment of my child?
Our evaluations and assessments are highly individualized. The fees are based on the type of evaluation of your child. After consultation with you, we will provide you with a fixed fee for the evaluation and assessment.  Our professional reports on your child can be reviewed with your child’s teachers and pediatrician.

What is a typical therapy session duration & frequency?
Typically, our therapy sessions last for 30 minutes.  The frequency of these sessions depends on the child’s needs and their parents’ schedule.  Sessions 2 to 4 times per month are common.

If my child requires therapy, how long will my child be in a therapy program?

The length of an individual therapy program depends on the type of difficulty or disorder being treated, and the child’s rate of progress during the therapy sessions as well as the level of reinforcement at home and in school.

What are your therapy treatment hours?

We accommodate busy parents by offering weekday and some evening sessions.

Speech therapy insurance billing FAQ's

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